Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Probably mostly done here....

I've now posted 29 "Album A Day" posts over at my Facebook page, tracy.deaton.14. At least one post a day for the last three weeks.
I like Facebook -- it forces me to write short, direct and to the point, rather than wandering off on a 1,000-word essay. I also love the immediate feedback.
Which means I'm probably basically done here. I'll keep this blog up in case I want to write a book review (assuming I can ever finish a book again), or rave about political farces, but otherwise I'll most likely be over at FB. Look me up, and if you want to follow me, send me a friend request or message me and I'll OK you, assuming I can figure out who you are. When I'm not posting music things I'm usually posting political stuff to make you scream, but it's all in fun and outrage.
Don't know when I'll be back here. It's been fun, but it seems I must pursue my newest infatuation....

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Meanwhile, over at Facebook....

I'm still working six days a week. But over at Facebook, longtime reader of this blog (and music-blogger himself) Drewzepmeister has persuaded me into posting a write-up on one of my favorite albums each day. That's just enough writing for me to get done in the time I have available these days.
Drew's original plan was for participants to post a write-up and photo of one of their Top 10 All-Time Favorite Albums each day for 10 days. Well, I have enough "Top 10" All-Time Favorite Albums to last me through the rest of this month ... and Drew told me whatever I want to do is OK.
So I've got my list handy -- I've posted five all-time faves so far. We'll see how long I stick with it.
I tend to post my stuff before noon or after 1 a.m. -- early in my morning or late at night after I get home from work. If you want to watch for this silliness, I'm at tracy.deaton.14 on Facebook. Drop in, check stuff out, or identify yourself by messaging me and I'll add you to my friends list ... if I can remember who the heck you are. The rest of the time I'm posting silly stuff or political crap to make you crazy, but this album-a-day stuff is purely music-related. Plus it gives me a chance to tell some of my favorite stories that I'm reminded of by hearing these records.
I plan to get back to this blog someday soon, but for now a shout-out to Drewzepmeister, who got me writing about music again for the first time in a busy month. How come I didn't think of this on my own...?
More eventually....