Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Probably mostly done here....

I've now posted 29 "Album A Day" posts over at my Facebook page, tracy.deaton.14. At least one post a day for the last three weeks.
I like Facebook -- it forces me to write short, direct and to the point, rather than wandering off on a 1,000-word essay. I also love the immediate feedback.
Which means I'm probably basically done here. I'll keep this blog up in case I want to write a book review (assuming I can ever finish a book again), or rave about political farces, but otherwise I'll most likely be over at FB. Look me up, and if you want to follow me, send me a friend request or message me and I'll OK you, assuming I can figure out who you are. When I'm not posting music things I'm usually posting political stuff to make you scream, but it's all in fun and outrage.
Don't know when I'll be back here. It's been fun, but it seems I must pursue my newest infatuation....


R S Crabb said...

I know we follow each other on Facebook and we keep better in touch over there.

As you may have seen, the postings get fewer and far between here, although I haven't totally given up, but I find it pointless to post things and only have 5 to 10 views anymore. Let's face it, the rock and roll we grew up listening to is still there but 50 years down the road and I am not interested in chasing the new fads or bands. I like part of the Greta Van Fleet Cd and think they might have some sort of future. The new Sleep I like less, mostly due to the hard to take vocals, this side of Cromangon, a running joke that we'll continue to toss at each other.

To blog for 15 years, the novelity has wore thin and even the converted have moved on to other things. I'm sure the Singles Going Steady series will continue but in reality. I have repeated myself silly over the years. Bush 43 was an idiot but this fucking joke we got as POTUS is the end days. Perhaps I'll take myself away from social media some day, my GF hates Fraud 45 and I just leave it to her to continue to post away.

The music will continue, even after we're all gone.

Gone to the great beyond. Rocking away.

rastronomicals said...

Good luck to you TAD, but fuck Facebook. If stealing and selling your data wasn't a capital crime, then they went and killed the weblog.