Sunday, April 4, 2010

Geologically-recent stuff offa the radio

I wasn't actually done writing about mix tapes. I have 5 90-min cassettes' wortha stuff here from early 1998 -- 4 mosta which I have NO IDEA who the artists represented R or were. I don't even know when mosta that stuff was originally released.
I also have 1 partly-finished tape of music from April 2004 (my last go-round w/ trying 2 keep current) when I felt a little more in-touch: On mosta that 1 I at least know who's singing. These days when I turn on the radio, if it's fairly current stuff I mainly just feel lost.
But NEbody out there who feels brave could help me out here, fill-in some of the shocking lapses in my musical knowledge & mayB educate me some by telling me WHO some of the artists R on the songs listed below, if (what I think R) the titles ring a bell w/ U.
Or, if there's some website Out There where I can punch-in a song title & get an artist's name as a possible ID I'd B willing 2 try that.
Whichever way it works out, U might B able 2 bring my musical knowledge a little bit closer 2 the Present Day....
A little background: During R last few months in Wyoming, the X & I had installed in R home a "cable-radio" receiver in an attempt 2 get some fairly current music in2 the house. There were -- get this -- only 6 radio stations that could B heard within the huge, isolated bowl that is North-Central Wyoming's Big Horn Basin. Mosta those stations were Country, which I could stand on a limited basis. There was 1 Oldies station, but it was satellite-programmed from a LONG way off & played the same oldies over&over&over....
The cable radio sounded great & it cer10ly Xpanded my current-music knowledge at the time. But when it Bcame more & more obvious that we'd B moving away (my boss at the newspaper where I worked then got Xactly 3 DAYS NOTICE B4 I left), we agreed 2 have the cable radio disconnected -- & B4 that happened I started taping everything that sounded even remotely good.
Enuf background. Listed below R what I thot were the highlights. How many of them do U know? & how stupid am I gonna look by admitting I don't know this stuff?
(Artists' names R included when I think I know them; titles R sometimes a very rough guess, & sometimes I don't have either 1.... Items marked w/ a * R especially good & especially bother me cos I don't know who the hell they R....)

* "I Know" (what you're doin', yeah yeah....)
Paula Cole: "I Don't Want to Wait," "Me"
* "Kiss the Rain"
Chumbawumba: "Amnesia," "Tubthumper"
The Cure: "Friday I'm in Love"
Loreena McKennitt: "The Mummer's Dance"
New Order: "Regret"
Wallflowers: "6th Avenue Heartache," "One Headlight"
* Dog's Eye View (?): "Everything Falls Apart"
Natalie Imbruglia: "Torn"
Alanis Morrisette: "You Learn," "Hand in My Pocket"
Cranberries (?): "Dreams," "Linger"
* "You're Not Alone"
* "If You Could Only See" (?) (...the way she loves me, maybe you would understand....)
Matchbox 20: "Push"
Lisa Loeb: "I Do"
Shawn Colvin: "Sunny Came Home"
Sheryl Crow: "Every Day is a Winding Road," "If it Makes You Happy"
Green Day: "Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)" (?)
* "What Would Happen?"
Mighty Mighty Bosstones: "The Impression That I Get"
Proclaimers: "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"
Annie Lennox: "Walking on Broken Glass," "No More 'I Love You's'"
Hootie & the Blowfish: "Hold My Hand"
* "Found Out About You"
* "What Do You Want From Me?"
Toad the Wet Sprocket: "Come Down"
Primitive Radio Gods (?): "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth...."
Jars of Clay: "Flood"
* "I'll Be"
* "I Love You Always Forever"
Third Eye Blind: "Semi-Charmed Life"
Dave Matthews Band: "What Would You Say?"
* "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (I'm sure I'm the only guy in the world who doesn't know who this is....)
Sadie B. Hawkins (?): "Right Beside You"
* "Oooh Ah Just a Little Bit"
Amy Grant (?): "Good for Me"
INXS: "Elegantly Wasted"

That 2004 tape includes:
Sixpence None the Richer: "There She Goes Again"
Michelle Branch: "Everywhere"
Five for Fighting: "100 Years"
Evanessence: "My Immortal"
John Mayer: "Bigger Than My Body"
Liz Phair: "Extraordinary"
Avril Lavigne: "I'm With You"
Sarah McLachlan: "Stupid"
U2: "Beautiful Day"
Matchbox 20: "Bright Lights"
Anna Nalick: "Breathe" (did she ever hava follow-up?)
...I feel on pretty firm ground w/ the ID's on all these.
But who did "She's So High"...? Probly another 1 I'm showing my massive ignorance about....

Now, if even a grumpy old fuddyduddy like me can get sucked in by stuff like this playing on the radio, there must still B something current out there worth hearing.
Think U can ID NE of the above titles/artists 4 me? I guess whoever ID's the most wins a free membership in OGRENET. (Which leaves Rastro & Crabby out in the cold -- I guess U guys could get a free copy of Group 87's A CAREER IN DADA PROCESSING. Or how bout the Television Personalities' MY DARK PLACES? Or Animal Collective's MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILLION? Coldplay's VIVA LA VIDA? Or....)


rastronomicals said...

"Geologically recent," ha, that's a good one.

I used to tell my old roommate Tim that he was into "Jurassic punk," always cracked me up.

Most of what you're talking about is Greek to me, too, let's face it.

But "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (which I love) is by Deep Blue Something and "Found Out About You" (which I also love) is by The Gin Blossoms

You're right about the Green Day track, it's from Nimrod, and right about the Cure, it's from Wish.

Beyond that, I've never heard Natalie Imbruglia or Chumbawumba or Matchbox 20 (I don't think) in my life.

And oh my god do I hate Hootie and the fucking Blowfish is a url that I'll sometimes use when I'm looking for a song, though the results often will show some obscure mix album before the original source.

These days, if you know the lyrics, you could just google what you know plus "lyrics," with the usual caveats that should work.

R Smith said...

funny how i can hear Breakfast At Tiffany's & can't remember Deep Blue Something which was the decent track off that album.

She's So High was done by Tal Bachmann, son of Randy Bachmann. Talk about a one hit wonder, Tal never deliver a followup.

If You Can Only See is done by Tonic.

Donna Lewis did I love You Forever
I'll be by the odious Edwin McCain
Everything Falls Apart, the only decent song done by Dog's Eye View.

I'm certain that Sister Hazel's All For You is in there somewhere.

I can tolerate Hootie & Blowfish but can't stand Matchbox 20 whatsoever. Rob Thomas is such a pussy.

I can help you out some on the 90s stuff but top forty of the last decade your on your own ;)

tad said...

Thanx guys. I preciate the info. & I'll try out that website, R. Cos if I don't, summa these R gonna drive me nuts, specially "I Know" & "Kiss the Rain" (which has some pretty amazing guitar & some VERY nice howling-at-the-moon vocals at the Nd). & "Ooh! Ah! Just a Little Bit" is great mindless fun....
Wasn't a big Matchbox 20 fan either, but "Push" was nicely grumpy, & "Unwell" had some good lyrics....
1 good thing about Bing outta touch is that U don't realize how uncool it is 2 admit 2 liking some things....
Thanx again 4 the info. These songs do sorta sum-up a period of my life, 4 better or worse....
...Does NEbody else out there wanna take a shot at NE of these? -- TAD.

rastronomicals said...


rastronomicals said...

Kiss the Rain

rastronomicals said...


tad said...

Thanx, R. I did look-up "Kiss the Rain" at Gracenote, & that site looks like it'll probly work 4 a lotta my knowledge/trivia issues. 4 some reason I never thot of Wikipedia, but U made it look EZ. Thanx again.... -- TAD.