Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Our Degeneration"

This is a little late, but whatthehell -- Welcome to 2011! And to Hell with Getting Old.
& to celebrate the New Year, here's a song for our times....

(What follows is published with apologies in advance to Pete Townshend, one of the few people in the world who's older than me....)

People try to put us down
(Talkin' 'bout our degeneration)
Just because we can't get around
Songs we like seem awful ... old
Just don't stick me in the ground 'til I get cold
This is my degeneration
This is our degeneration, bay-bay....

Why don't the punks just fade away
And go and listen to Lady Gaga all day
'Bout to have a heart attack from my frustration
Think I forgot my medication
This is my degeneration
This is our degeneration, bay-bay....

(INSERT rudimentary not-very-flashy electric guitar solo HERE.)

Let all those punks just fade away
And listen to Justin Bieber all day
My legs and my feet have lost all sensation
Can't even remember how to spell 'degeneration'
This is our degeneration
This is our disintegration, bay-bay....

Talkin' 'bout our d-d-d-d-degeneration....


R Smith said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA how true that is nowadays! ;)

drewzepmeister said...

I love it!

TAD said...

Thanx guys, I thot you might appreciate it.... I've been singing it to myself at work the past coupla nights....