Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alternate Playlist 2

When I 1st got on the Internet 13+ years ago, the 1st thing I looked 4 was record reviews -- Bcos I was sick 2 death of the stuff I'd bn hearing over&over. Yeah I had albums & CD's, but I'd heard them over & over 2. What I wanted was some1 else's opinion about Good Stuff 2 look in2. & the 1st place I went 2 was Mark Prindle's music-review website. Which sorta Xplains how I got here 2day.
What follows is a sorta "alternate playlist" 4 mildly-adventurous radio stations. Suggested OTHER things a Classic Rock, Album Rock or Oldies station could play instead of the SAME OLD STUFF OVER&OVER. Something not 2 outrageous that wouldn't necessarily require a Program Director 2 grow a backbone. I mean, how many times can U hear "Band on the Run" B4 developing bubbles in the brain? I mean, really....
If U've bn reading here 4 awhile U probly think U already know this list. & U might. But this 1's a little diffrent. I'll vouch 4 the fact that what follows is Good Stuff. But it's strictly work by Classic Rock/Album Rock/Oldies artists. I based it on stuff I have in the house or know about, but I've mostly left off those off-the-wall prog bands that I love so much.
Also: You're gonna need a bigger fan of Bruce, Zep, U2, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty & some others than I am in order 2 supply U with Great Overlooked Stuff. I mostly can't do it. Sorry bout that. Always open 2 suggestions, tho....
Also, if I've ever heard some great-but-obscure album track played on the radio (& I can still remember it), it ain't here. Sorry Kinks fans, "Shangri-La" ain't on this list cos my current fave oldies station KMCQ played it awhile back.
Fat lot of good this list is gonna do NE1 NEway, but it makes me feel useful. Hopefully it'll B of use 2 SOMEBODY. & 4 Ghod's sake if U're in radio or programming NEwhere, drop me a line, we need 2 Talk.
Enuf of the prelims, on with the show. In no particular order then, some recommended overlooked listening:

Pink Floyd -- Flaming, Astronome Domine (live), One of These Days, One of My Turns, In the Flesh?, The Trial, High Hopes.
Zep -- Carouselambra.
Journey -- Spaceman, Something to Hide, Daydream, People and Places, Escape, Troubled Child.
Beatles -- There's a Place, Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, The Night Before, I Need You, Anytime at All, And Your Bird Can Sing, Things We Said Today, For No One, It's Only Love, Everybody's Trying to be My Baby, Dear Prudence, Thank You Girl.
Rickie Lee Jones -- On Saturday Afternoons in 1963, We Belong Together, Living it Up.
Supertramp -- Just Another Nervous Wreck, Babajii, From Now On, Crime of the Century, School, Gone Hollywood.
Jefferson Starship -- Freedom at Point Zero, All Nite Long, Fading Lady Light, Save Your Love, Lightning Rose, Just the Same, Things to Come, Awakening.
Jefferson Airplane -- Mexico, Crown of Creation, Good Shepherd.
ELP -- Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 1, Hoedown, Fanfare for the Common Man.
Yes -- Every Little Thing, Looking Around, No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed, Time and a Word, Sweet Dreams, Survival, America, Wonderous Stories, Turn of the Century.
REO -- Blazing Your Own Trail Again.
Pat Benatar -- Wuthering Heights, Hard to Believe.
Bob Dylan -- One of Us Must Know.
Moody Blues -- Peak Hour, Evening: Time to Get Away, Twilight Tme, The Actor, Simple Game, Lovely to See You, Gypsy, Eyes of a Child Part 2, It's Up to You, Don't You Feel Small?, Our Guessing Game, One More Time to Live, You Can Never Go Home, For My Lady, You and Me, Land of Make-Believe, In My World, Meanwhile, Nervous, Veteran Cosmic Rocker, Blue World, Meet Me Halfway, Running Water, Sorry.
Queen -- Rock It (Prime Jive), It's Late, '39, The Prophet's Song, Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to....), Save Me, The Show Must Go On.
Kansas -- Journey from MariaBronn, Miracles Out of Nowhere, Questions of My Childhood, Cheyenne Anthem, Reason to Be, Back Door.
Kinks -- Apeman, David Watts, Victoria, Celluloid Heroes, Village Green Preservation Society, Dead End Street.
Rush -- The Camera Eye, Distant Early Warning, Manhattan Project, Force Ten, Time Stand Still, Mystic Rhythms (live), Show Don't Tell, Marathon.
U2 -- Twilight, Out of Control, The Electric Co.
Simon and Garfunkel -- For Emily Whenever I May Find Her, The Only Living Boy in New York, Keep the Customer Satisfied, A Simple Desultory Philippic.
Billy Joel -- All for Leyna.
Buffalo Springfield -- Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing, Broken Arrow, On the Way Home.
Byrds -- John Riley.
Turtles -- We'll Meet Again, Lady-O, Grim Reaper of Love, Sound Asleep.
ELO -- The Way Life's Meant to Be, Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle, Across the Border, 10538 Overture (live).
Alan Parsons Project -- Some Other Time, I'd Rather Be a Man, Winding Me Up, You Don't Believe.
Jethro Tull -- One Brown Mouse, The Whistler, Ring Out Solstice Bells, Fire at Midnight, One White Duck/Nothing at All, Baker Street Muse, The Third Hoorah, Back to the Family, Dun Ringill, Dark Ages.
Procol Harum -- Wreck of the Hesperus, A Salty Dog, In the Autumn of My Madness/Look to Your Soul/Grand Finale (live).
Manfred Mann's Earth Band -- Stranded, Heart on the Street, Don't Kill it Carol, Hollywood Town, Belle of the Earth, Angelz at My Gate, Singing the Dolphin Through.
Spirit ("I've Got a Line on You") -- 1984, Prelude/Nothing to Hide, Morning Will Come, Life Has Just Begun, Soldier, Aren't You Glad?
Genesis -- Inside and Out, Vancouver, Madman Moon, Ripples, Firth of Fifth (live), Supper's Ready (live), The Musical Box (live), In the Cage (live), Like it or Not, You Might Recall....
Golden Earring -- Snot Love in Spain, Need Her, Save Your Skin.
Monkees -- Love is Only Sleeping, Tapioca Tundra, Take a Giant Step, Porpoise Song, As We Go Along, Sunny Girlfriend, No Time, Daily Nightly, Your Auntie Grizelda.
Gordon Lightfoot -- Seven Islands Suite, High and Dry, Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Summer Side of Life, Ten Degrees and Getting Colder, Don Quixote.
Grateful Dead -- Passenger, Terrapin.
Steely Dan -- Any Major Dude Will Tell You, Gaucho, Third World Man.
Heart -- Rockin' Heaven Down, Sweet Darlin (live), Soul of the Sea, Love Alive.
Hall and Oates -- Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear the Voices).
Daryl Hall -- Something in 4/4 Time.
Al Stewart -- Rocks in the Ocean, Flying Sorcery, Running Man, Lord Grenville, One Stage Before, Valentina Way, Almost Lucy, Apple Cider Reconstitution, The Dark and Rolling Sea, Modern Times, Roads to Moscow, Terminal Eyes, Nostradamus.
Todd Rundgren/Utopia -- Couldn't I Just Tell You?, Real Man, Saving Grace, Song of the Viking, Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song, You Make Me Crazy, The Very Last Time.
Paul McCartney/Wings -- Medicine Jar, Let Me Roll It, Venus and Mars Reprise, Magneto and Titanium Man, Picasso's Last Words, Mrs. Vandebilt.
Who -- Slip Kid, Blue Red and Gray, Daily Records, Dreaming from the Waist, How Can You Do it Alone?, Another Tricky Day, Little Billy, Dogs, Let's See Action, The Relay, Melancholia.
Bread -- Been Too Long on the Road, Too Much Love, Down on My Knees, Look What You've Done, Truckin', He's a Good Lad.
Fleetwood Mac -- The Green Manalishi, Dissatisfied, Why?, World Turning, Silver Springs, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Brown Eyes, Angel, Big Love (live), Wish You Were Here, Straight Back, Eyes of the World, The Farmer's Daughter, One More Night, Fireflies, I'm So Afraid (live), Tango in the Night, Isn't it Midnight?, Murrow Rolling Over in His Grave.
Dire Straits -- Telegraph Road, Love Over Gold, It Never Rains, Industrial Disease, Romeo and Juliet, Hand in Hand, Expresso Love, Tunnel of Love.
Stories (they did "Brother Louie," 1973) -- Love is in Motion, Please Please, Words, Circles, Darling, What Comes After.
Blue Oyster Cult -- ETI, Morning Final, Debbie Denise, Revenge of Vera Gemini.
Blondie -- Angels on the Balcony, Victor, Union City Blue, Sunday Girl, 11:59, Will Anything Happen?, Just Go Away.
Go-Go's -- Can't Stop the World, Fading Fast, This Town, How Much More, It's Everything but Partytime, The Way You Dance, Worlds Away, You Thought, Forget That Day, Capture the Light, I'm With You, Mercenary.
Bangles -- Hero Takes a Fall, All About You, Dover Beach, Restless, Silent Treatment, He's Got a Secret, Let it Go, September Gurls, Angels Don't Fall in Love, Following, Not Like You, Return Post, Glitter Years, I'll Set You Free, Everything I Wanted.
Pretenders -- Kid, Mystery Achievement, Lovers of Today, Up the Neck, Tattooed Love Boys, Space Invaders, Time the Avenger, 2000 Miles, Hymn to Her, Birds of Paradise, I Go to Sleep, Pack it Up.
Janis Ian ("At Seventeen," 1974) -- When the Party's Over, From Me to You, In the Winter, Watercolors, Love is Blind.
Beach Boys -- There's No Other (Like My Baby), Let Him Run Wild, Please Let Me Wonder, Here Today, I Know There's an Answer, I Just Wasn't Made for These Times, Trombone Dixie, I'd Love Just Once to See You, Mama Says, Gettin' Hungry, Vegetables, Our Prayer, Cabinessence, This Whole World, Add Some Music to Your Day, It's About Time, Long Promised Road, Feel Flows, 'Til I Die, Surf's Up, The Trader, Johnny Carson, Good Time.
Three Dog Night -- My Impersonal Life, Jam, Heavy Church.
Roxy Music -- The Thrill of it All.
Madonna -- Oh Father, Dear Jessie, The Look of Love, Bad Girl.
Pete Townshend -- Now and Then, A Little is Enough, North Country Girl, Jools and Jim, And I Moved, Gonna Get Ya, Somebody Saved Me, Uniforms, Zelda.
Police -- On Any Other Day, Does Everyone Stare?, Omegaman, Secret Journey, Darkness.
Nirvana -- You Know You're Right.
Elton John -- Teacher I Need You, Elderberry Wine, Have Mercy on the Criminal, Gray Seal, Ballad of Danny Bailey, All the Girls Love Alice, Roy Rogers, Harmony, Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock and Roll), Social Disease.
Tears for Fears -- The Working Hour.
Dan Fogelberg -- Tell Me to My Face, As the Raven Flies, Someone's Been Telling You Stories, There's a Place in the World for a Gambler, Phoenix, Along the Road, Wishing on the Moon, Nexus, The Innocent Age, The Reach, Stolen Moments, The Lion's Share.
Poco -- A Good Feeling to Know, Crazy Eyes.
Aerosmith -- Seasons of Wither.
Neil Diamond -- Crunchy Granola Suite, Do It, The Boat That I Row, I Am the Lion.
Ringo -- Early 1970.
Jimmy Buffett -- Chanson Pour Les Petites Enfants.
Joe Walsh -- Rivers of the Hidden Funk.
Iron Butterfly -- Flowers and Beads.
Boston -- Hitch a Ride, Used to Bad News, It's Easy, My Destination.
Outlaws -- I Can't Stop Loving You, Devil's Road.
Hollies -- Slow Down, Romany, Touch, Words Don't Come Easy, Down River, Won't We Feel Good?
Rod Stewart -- Handbags and Gladrags.
Bee Gees -- Spirits (Having Flown).
Cyndi Lauper -- When You Were Mine.
Boz Scaggs -- You've Got Some Imagination.
Linda Ronstadt -- Party Girl, Someone to Lay Down Beside Me.
Steve Winwood -- Night Train, Spanish Dancer, Dust.
Men at Work -- No Sign of Yesterday, Down by the Sea.
Jeff Lynne -- Every Little Thing, Lift Me Up.
The Church -- Reptile.
Stevie Nicks -- Outside the Rain, Think About It.
Badfinger -- Rock of All Ages, The Name of the Game, In the Meantime/Some Other Time, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke?
Raspberries -- I Can Remember, Come Around and See Me, Drivin Around, Cruisin' Music, I'm a Rocker.
Rare Earth -- If I Die, The Seed, Someone to Love, Under God's Light.
Dave Edmunds -- Creature from the Black Lagoon.

...That's enuf 4 now, I got blisters on my fingers. More soon....


R S Crabb said...

Hey TAD, guess when it comes to alternative to the overplayed we pretty much got them beat. I remember KRNA playing Boz Scaggs Imagination one night and I requested it and the dumbass DJ never played it till about 5 AM when I turned the channel due to annoying commercials. Ever since then, I never requested the DJ at any radio station to play stuff ever again. Figured it's easier just to buy it and play it when I want to hear it. ;)

TAD said...

Crabby: Back in 1980 or whenever it was, I asked Boise station KIDO-AM (who were pretty open-minded then) 2 play Billy Joel's "All for Leyna" right after the GLASS HOUSES album came out, so folks could hear by far the best song on that album -- & the DJ refused cos it wasn't on their approved playlist. 2 years later I asked Tom Scott at my fave station KFXD 2 play 5-Man Electrical Band's "Absolutely Right" 4 old time's sake, & he was thrilled & got it on the air in like 2 mins. But that's the last time I ever requested NEthing. Scott was rewarded 4 his work, 2 -- he went on 2 Bcome a local TV sportscaster....