Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Found: More Great Lost Singles

Joel Whitburn & BILLBOARD's TOP POP SINGLES 1955-2002 -- which I reviewed here a few days back -- is a treasure trove of proof that I didn't hallucinate 1/2 of what I heard on the radio 40 years ago while I was busy growing up. It just SEEMS that way sometimes.
As I look thru this huge book, songs I haven't thot about 4 YEARS just suddenly jump out at me -- like Simon Stokes' trippy "Captain Howdy," which I added 2 the end of that last list of overlooked greats this book has helped me rediscover. I hadn't heard THAT song in 37 years, & yet there it was suddenly staring me in the face. I can still sing the choruses 4 you, if you like....
Mainly what I like about this book is that it reaffirms 4 me that at least some of the off-the-wall songs I remember from my youth were getting played on the radio in OTHER parts of the country, 2. Maybe not for LONG, but some1 other than me heard them.
Now all we gotta do is figure out why the Great Listening Public didn't appropriately reward these musical geniuses....
Here's another list of off-the-wall stuff I've mined from Whitburn's work. I'll add merely that a lotta these would B worth yer trouble 2 track down....

Genesis: "You Own Special Way," #62, Spring 1977; "You Might Recall," Rock Tracks #40, Summer '82.
Lindsey Buckingham: "Holiday Road," #82, Summer '83.
Jethro Tull: "The Whistler," #59, Spring '77.
Kansas: "Reason to Be," #52, Fall '79.
Fleetwood Mac: "Oh Well (Part 1)," #55, Fall '70.
Allman Brothers Band: "Jessica," #65, Winter '74.
Aerosmith: "Dream On," #59, Fall '73.
Move: "Do Ya?," #93, Fall '72.
Eagles: "Outlaw Man," #59, Fall '73; "James Dean," #77, Fall '74.
Doobie Brothers: "Nobody," #58, Winter '74.
John Fogerty: "Almost Saturday Night," #78, Winter '75.
Four Preps: "The Big Draft (Military Medley)," #61, Spring '62.
Four Tops: "Simple Game," #90, Spring '72.
King Crimson: "In the Court of the Crimson King (Part 1)," #80, Winter '70.
Norman Greenbaum: "California Earthquake," #93, Summer '71.
Roxy Music: "Dance Away," #44, Spring '79; "Over You," #80, Fall '80.
Dave Edmunds: "Girls Talk," #65, Fall '79.
Tim Moore: "Second Avenue," #58, Fall '74.
Van Morrison: "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)," #61, Fall '72.
Bill Withers: "Grandma's Hands," #42, Fall '71.
Raiders: "Powder Blue Mercedes Queen," #54, Summer '72.
Danyel Gerard: "Butterfly," #78, Summer '72.
Turtles: "Grim Reaper of Love," #81, Summer '66; "Sound Asleep," #57, Spring '68; "Lady-O," #78, Winter '69.
Lindisfarne: "Lady Eleanor," #82, Fall '72.
Shoes: "Too Late," #75, Winter '79.
Slade: "Mama Weer All Crazee Now," #76, Winter '72.
Patti Smith Group: "Frederick," #90, Summer '79.
Boz Scaggs: "Dinah Flo," #86, Fall '72.
Joni Mitchell: "Raised on Robbery," #65, Winter '73.
Records: "Starry Eyes," #56, Fall '79.
Sweet: "Co-Co," #99, Fall '71.
Tarney/Spencer Band: "No Time to Lose," #84, Spring '79; #74, Fall '81.
Ray Stevens: "Bridget the Midget," #50, Winter '70.
Sugar Bears: "You Are the One," #57, Spring '72.
Michael Bolton (!): "Fools Game," #82, Spring '83. (It's actually good....)
Nigel Olsson: "Only One Woman," #91, Spring '75.
Royal Guardsmen: "Snoopy's Christmas," #1 on the Christmas chart, Dec '67.
Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids: "Dancin' on a Saturday Night," #93, Summer '74.
NRBQ: "Get That Gasoline Blues," #70, Spring '74. (Still timely ... & hilarious!)
Steve Winwood: "Still in the Game," #47, Summer '82; "Valerie," #70, Winter '82.
Hues Corporation: "Freedom for the Stallion," #63, Summer '73.
Robert John: "Lonely Eyes," #41, Winter '79.
Casey Kelly: "Poor Boy," #52, Fall '72.
It's a Beautiful Day: "White Bird," #118, 1969.
Gordon Lightfoot: "Summer Side of Life," #98, Fall '71; "Beautiful," #58, Spring '72.
Vicki Lawrence: "He Did With Me," #75, Summer '73. (Her underplayed follow-up 2 the hideous "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," which seemingly will NEVER die....)
John Lennon: "Happy Xmas (War is Over)," #3 on the Christmas chart, Dec '71.

Not reaching the Hot 100 or "bubbling under" the top 100 singles were: Fleetwood Mac's "The Green Manalishi," "Hypnotized," "Why?" & "Dissatisfied;" Kiki Dee's "Amoureuse;" Gordon Lightfoot's "Don Quixote;" Guess Who's "Road Food;" Loggins & Messina's "Angry Eyes" (the best thing they ever did, used as the B-side 2 a coupla minor L&M hits)....

...There will likely B at least 1 more of these lists coming.... In the meantime, go track some of these songs down. They're good 4 what ails ya. Some of them are, at least....

....& I'd love 2 hear from anyone who remembers any of these songs, or any of the other off-the-wall songs or acts I sometimes write about. It's been awhile since anyone Out There has commented, & I could use the feedback.
I know you're reading a lot here, you folks from Thailand & Russia & England & Germany & Denmark & Canada & Colombia. & who's that person from Ireland who's been reading so much stuff? You guys can come out of the woodwork at any time. I don't bite ... too much ....

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