Monday, March 19, 2012

#538: This week's work

...which, of course, has very little 2 do with My Job....
Along with My Usual Overplayed Oldies, this week's playlist at work included:

Aaron Copland/Eduardo Mata/Dallas Symphony Orchestra -- El Salon Mexico; Rodeo: Buckaroo Holiday, Corral Nocturne, Saturday Night Waltz, Hoedown.
Bee Gees -- Spirits Having Flown.
Martika -- Toy Soldiers.
The Church -- Under the Milky Way.
Bangles -- Glitter Years, I'll Set You Free, A Hazy Shade of Winter, Going Down to Liverpool.
Human League -- Human.
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper -- Debbie Gibson is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child.
King Crimson -- The Great Deceiver, Lament.
Stories -- Darling, Love is in Motion, Circles, Words, Please Please, What Comes After.
Rollers -- Hello and Welcome Home, I Was Eleven, Stoned Houses #2, Washington's Birthday.
Shoes -- Tomorrow Night, Too Late, In My Arms Again, Now and Then, Every Girl, Three Times, I Don't Wanna Hear It.
Split Enz -- Hard Act to Follow, History Never Repeats, Albert of India.
Joni Mitchell -- Raised on Robbery.
Strawberry Alarm Clock -- Incense and Peppermints.
Camel -- City Life, Drafted, Never Let Go, West Berlin, Mother Road, Breathless, Echoes, Unevensong, Ice, Sasquatch, Manic, A Heart's Desire/End Peace.
Nick Drake -- Hazey Jane II.
Steely Dan -- Third World Man, Pretzel Logic, Any Major Dude Will Tell You, Deacon Blues, Josie.
Caravan -- Place of My Own.
Tricia Yearwood -- She's in Love With the Boy, Woman Walk the Line.
Mary-Chapin Carpenter -- Downtown Train, This Shirt, Passionate Kisses, You Win Again, Middle Ground, The Hard Way.
Brenda Russell -- Piano in the Dark.
Sly and the Family Stone -- I Wanna Take You Higher, Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin.
Simon and Garfunkel -- Keep the Customer Satisfied, The Only Living Boy in New York.
Ramones -- I Just Wanna Have Something to Do.
Sex Pistols -- God Save the Queen.
Celine Dion -- Nothing's Broken but My Heart.
XTC -- Senses Working Overtime.
Icehouse -- Icehouse, Can't Help Myself, We Can Get Together.
FM -- Phasors on Stun, One O'Clock Tomorrow, Journey.
Byrds -- Ballad of Easy Rider, I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better.
Spirit -- I Got a Line on You.
Beatles -- Rock and Roll Music, Slow Down, Got to Get You into My Life, Tomorrow Never Knows, Oh! Darling.
Grateful Dead -- Uncle John's Band, Passenger, Terrapin Station.
Fairport Convention etc. -- Bridge Over the River Ash, I'll Keep it With Mine, My Girl the Month of May, Million Dollar Bash, The Way I Feel, Learning the Game, Tale in Hard Time, Come All Ye, Listen Listen, Meet on the Ledge.
Spider -- New Romance (It's a Mystery), Burning Love, Shady Lady, Everything is Alright, Crossfire.
Renaissance -- Rajah Khan.
Troggs -- Love is All Around.
Deodato -- Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001).
Tears for Fears -- The Working Hour.
'Til Tuesday -- Don't Watch Me Bleed.
Gryphon -- Lament, Ethelion.
Happy the Man -- Service With a Smile.
Group 87 -- One Night Away from Day.
Alan Parsons Project -- The Gold Bug.
Boston -- Hitch a Ride, Used to Bad News, It's Easy, A Man I'll Never Be.
Cyndi Lauper -- Change of Heart.
Jefferson Airplane -- Good Shepherd.
Bob Dylan -- Subterranean Homesick Blues.

What radio station anywhere offers you such a variety? Such a cross-section of musical types? Such unXpected suprises? Such a wide range of stuff? In my next life I want 2 B reincarnated as a radio station that plays nothing but Good Music 24/7.
I of course vouch 4 the high quality of the music listed above, ESPECIALLY the stuff you've never heard of.
More & more folks seem 2 B Getting It as I continue in this path of off-the-wall Musical Evangelism. Even had 1 old guy bouncing around pretty good 2 Camel's "Unevensong"! 2 women in a row told me "You always have the best music playing whenever I come in!" Ghod bless you both. On Fri & Sat, lotsa people noticed I had stuff turned up pretty loud. Made 4 a good weekend. Even Sun nite was pretty smooth. If I coulda figured out 8 years ago the positive impact some decent tunes woulda had on my work environment, I woulda bn a much happier person then, & probly a lot less run-down 2day. But there R still Good Times 2 B had....

As my other random act of kindness 4 the week, I gave a coupla dozen CD's I'd piled-up over the past coupla yrs 2 a friend who set me up with a (FINALLY) decent CD player awhile back. When he was in2 the store over the weekend he was Really Down About Life, everything was Negative. I know the feeling....
So, since he put music back in2 my life awhile back, I tossed him some CDs that have Not Worked 4 Me lately -- since altho he seemsta have lotsa good sound equipment at home, he doesn't seemta have much 2 PLAY on it.
So, lotsa stuff that got rather lukewarm reviews here over the past couple yrs now has a new home. Bye, Weather Report's BEST OF. See ya, Mahavishnu's APOCALYPSE. Animal Collective, you're outta here! Same with Television Personalities. Also the Cramps, Butthole Surfers, Gang of Four, Wire, & lotsa other stuff that I either got cheap on CD or already had duplicated on vinyl. Pretty much a complete strike-out on "take a chance" Xperimental CDs on my last trip 2 Goodwill -- they all went in2 the big bag.
I don't think I'm gonna miss NE of it 2 much. & my friend said NE of it he doesn't like can B passed on2 a friend of his who's Into The Weird. I don't think NE of it's gonna go 2 waste.
Heard NE good NEW sounds lately?

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