Saturday, June 16, 2012

#570: Latest playlist....

Hadta back-off on the music 4 awhile at work -- loud noise was getting in the way of R customers' ability to yell at us about our boss's odd new Cash vs. Credit/Debit pay system. Some nites (the worst 1's) I hardly got NE music played at all.
But some handy homemade CASH and CREDIT/DEBIT signs have brot the complaints down 2 a dull roar (along with the dropping price of gas), so I am again cranking the music up, doing my part 4 off-the-wall rock&roll. The latest work-time playlist follows:

Weather Report -- Badia/Boogie Woogie Waltz (live).
Sparks -- Eaten by the Monster of Love.
Keane -- Somewhere Only We Know, This is the Last Time, Bend and Break, Your Eyes Open.
Badfinger -- In the Meantime/Some Other Time, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke?, No Matter What, Baby Blue, The Name of the Game, Rock of All Ages.
Fleetwood Mac -- Monday Morning (studio), You Make Loving Fun, Silver Springs, Over My Head, Sara, Love in Store, Tusk, Landslide, The Chain, Gypsy, Go Insane (live), Gold Dust Woman, World Turning, Everywhere, Sisters of the Moon, Paper Doll, Say You Will, Peacekeeper, Murrow Turning Over in His Grave.
Bread -- Look What You've Done, Why Do You Keep Me Waiting?, It Don't Matter to Me, Let Your Love Go, Too Much Love, He's a Good Lad, Take Comfort, Truckin', Mother Freedom, Down on My Knees, Everything I Own.
Sly -- Thank You etc., I Wanna Take You Higher, Dance to the Music, Everyday People.
Madness -- One Step Beyond, Embarrassment, Our House.
Left Banke -- She May Call You Up Tonight.
Kansas -- What's On My Mind, Miracles Out of Nowhere, Questions of My Childhood.
Doobie Brothers -- Neal's Fandango, Take Me in Your Arms.
Pete Townshend -- Rough Boys, Give Blood, Jools and Jim, My Baby Gives it Away, Misunderstood, A Little is Enough, Now and Then, Slit Skirts, Empty Glass.
Nektar -- Fidgety Queen.
Rush -- Force Ten, Time Stand Still.
The Jam -- Strange Town, Eton Rifles, That's Entertainment, Funeral Pyre.
Jethro Tull -- Teacher, Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day.
The Wackers -- I Hardly Know Her Name.
Buffalo Springfield -- Mr. Soul, Bluebird, On the Way Home, Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing, Rock and Roll Woman, Go and Say Goodbye.
Rolling Stones -- Street Fighting Man, Tumbling Dice, Happy.
Lovin' Spoonful -- Do You Believe in Magic?, You Didn't Have to be So Nice, Summer in the City, Darling be Home Soon.
Caravan -- Memory Lain/Hugh/Headloss, Be All Right, A Hunting We Shall Go....
Five Man Electrical Band -- Signs, Absolutely Right.
Florence + The Machine -- Shake it Out.
Mamas and the Papas -- California Dreamin', Dedicated to the One I Love, 12:30, Creeque Alley.
Modern English -- I Melt With You, After the Snow, Carry Me Down, Tables Turning, Someone's Calling.
Bangles -- Hero Takes a Fall, Going Down to Liverpool, Manic Monday, If She Knew What She Wants, Walk Like an Egyptian, Walking Down Your Street, Following, Hazy Shade of Winter, Be With You, I'll Set You Free (remix), Everything I Wanted, Where Were You When I Needed You?
Tommy James and the Shondells -- I Think We're Alone Now, Mirage, Baby Baby I Can't Take it No More, Mony Mony, Sweet Cherry Wine, Ball of Fire.
Cars -- Bye Bye Love, Moving in Stereo, All Mixed Up, Dangerous Type.
Church -- Reptile.
Elton John -- Teacher I Need You, Elderberry Wine, Have Mercy on the Criminal.
Vertical Horizon -- Everything You Want.
INXS -- What You Need, New Sensation, The One Thing, Disappear, Mystify, This Time, The Gift, Bitter Tears, Don't Change.

All this is in addition 2 the usual Phil Spector, Bare Naked Ladies & Motown oldies I've bn playing lately.
Comments? Well, there've been a few. 1 guy was pretty happy 2 hear Bread again. A Regular said he hadn't heard Tull's "Skating Away" in years. Kansas seems 2 go over pretty well 4 some reason -- it was a good period, & those 3 trax from LEFTOVERTURE haven't bn overplayed by radio 2 much.
I'll note that Pete Townshend's "Misunderstood' is hilarious -- & his "My Baby Gives it Away" coulda bn funnier. Bread's B-side "Why Do You Keep Me Waiting?" isn't bad -- their rockingness is still very much underrated.
Feel like I'm sorta getting in2 a rut. Gotta play Caravan's massive, riffing live "For Richard" some nite & see if that brings NE response. Gotta toss in some Pink Floyd -- I haven't heard "High Hopes" in quite awhile, or "When the Tigers Broke Free." Maybe I can fish something else weird outta the CD pile & inflict it on the unsuspecting public. More soon....

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