Friday, June 7, 2013

#681: Obscure Prog Rock Classics no particular order. Track down any of these & they'll be sure to be worth your time. Absolutely recommended. Album titles are in UPPER CASE, song titles are in normal style. Without further ado....

Providence -- EVER SENSE THE DAWN: Fantasy Fugue, If We Were Wise, Neptune's Door.
Gryphon -- RED QUEEN TO GRYPHON THREE: Lament, Opening Move, Second Spasm; TREASON: Spring Song, Fall of the Leaf, Major Disaster; The Ploughboy's Dream, Ethelion, Wallbanger, (Ein Klein) Heldenleben.
Group 87 -- (1ST ALBUM): One Night Away From Day, Future of the City, Moving Sidewalks, The Bedouin, While the City Sleeps, Magnificent Clockworks....
Happy the Man -- CRAFTY HANDS: Wind-Up Doll Day Wind, Service With a Smile, Open Book, Morning Sun, Ibby it is, Steaming Pipes; Time as a Helix of Precious Laughs.
Illusion -- OUT OF THE MIST: Everywhere You Go, Candles are Burning, Roads to Freedom; Madonna Blue.
Renaissance -- LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL: Ashes are Burning (1st 3 minutes), Can You Understand?, Running Hard, Ocean Gypsy, Mother Russia; Rajah Khan, At the Harbour, Opening Out/Day of the Dreamer, Northern Lights.
Be-Bop Deluxe -- Sleep That Burns, Crying to the Sky, Maid in Heaven.
Barclay James Harvest -- Hymn, Spirit on the Water, Poor Man's Moody Blues, Ring of Changes, The Song They Love to Sing, Play to the World, Ursula (The Swansea Song), Taking Some Time On.
Sally Oldfield -- Water Bearer/Songs of the Quendi, Land of the Sun, Sweet Child of Allah, Fire and Honey.
Mike Oldfield -- Ommadawn (Part 1), Incantations (Part 1), Arrival.
Synergy -- Warriors, S-Scape, Icarus, Classical Gas.
Tangerine Dream -- Monolight (live).
Gentle Giant -- PRETENSIOUS best-of: Raconteur Troubadour, Knots, Pentegruel's Nativity, The Advent of Panurge, Proclamation, Cogs in Cogs, Schooldays; Funny Ways (live), Think of Me With Kindness, The Power and the Glory, His Last Voyage, Time to Kill, Free Hand, Talybont, Peel the Paint, Mister Class and Quality.
Grobschnitt -- Anywhere.
Kevin Ayers -- Connie on a Rubber Band, Soon Soon Soon, Butterfly Dance, Gemini Child.
Caravan -- CANTERBURY TALES best-of: Place of My Own, For Richard (live), The Dog The Dog He's at it Again, Memory Lain/Hugh/Headloss, The World is Yours, Songs and Signs, Nine Feet Underground, Dissociation, Virgin on the Ridiculous (live); All the Way With John Wayne's Single-Handed Liberation of Paris, Can You Hear Me?, Aristocracy, Be All Right, Surprise Surprise, A Hunting We Shall Go...., The Love in Your Eye suite, The Dabsong Conshirtoe, FOR GIRLS WHO GROW PLUMP IN THE NIGHT.
Glass Moon -- (1ST ALBUM): Sundays and Mondays, Solsbury Hill, Blue Windows, Killer at 25.
Camel -- ECHOES best-of: Never Let Go, Rhayader/Rhayader Goes to Town, Lady Fantasy suite, Breathless, Echoes, Unevensong, Sasquatch, West Berlin, Mother Road; Flight of the Snow Goose, Down on the Farm, City Life, Drafted, Captured, Who We Are, Wait, Eye of the Storm, Manic, A Heart's Desire/End Peace, Spirit of the Water, Summer Lightning, THE SNOW GOOSE, NUDE.
Justin Hayward and John Lodge -- BLUE JAYS: When You Wake Up, This Morning, Remember Me My Friend, My Brother, Saved by the Music, Who Are You Now?
It's a Beautiful Day -- (1ST ALBUM): White Bird, Hot Summer Day, Girl With No Eyes.
Scarlet Rivera -- Day of the Unicorn.
Amazing Blondel -- FANTASIA LINDUM: Fantasia Lindum suite, Swifts Swains and Leafy Lanes, Celestial Light, Lincolnshire Lullabye, Toye, Four Seasons Almaine, Safety in God Alone; Landscape, Seascape.
Strawbs -- Where is This Dream of Your Youth? (live), The Man Who Called Himself Jesus (live), Hero and Heroine, Down by the Sea, New World, Part of the Union, I'll Carry On Beside You.
Spirit -- Nature's Way, Nothing to Hide, Morning Will Come, Life Has Just Begun, Soldier, Animal Zoo, My Friend, 1984, Aren't You Glad?
Love -- FOREVER CHANGES: You Set the Scene, Alone Again Or, Maybe the People Would be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale, Your Mind and We Belong Together.
Journey -- Spaceman, You're On Your Own, People, Daydream, People and Places.
Kansas -- Journey from Mariabronn, Back Door, Reason to Be.
Hawkwind -- HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN GRILL: You'd Better Believe It, Lost Johnny, Paradox, Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke); Urban Guerrilla, Sonic Attack.
Can -- ANTHOLOGY best-of: Father Cannot Yell, Uphill, Outside My Door, Yoo Doo Right, Mother Sky, Mushroom, She Brings the Rain, Mother Upduff, Don't Say No.
Genesis -- Ripples, Madman Moon, Robbery Assault and Battery, Dance on a Volcano, Entangled, Squonk, Afterglow, Your Own Special Way, Wot Gorilla?, Down and Out, Undertow, Deep in the Motherlode, Snowbound, Burning Rope, The Lady Lies, Inside and Out, Vancouver, Counting Out Time, The Knife, You Might Recall, The Cinema Show/In the Cage (live), Like it or Not.
Peter Gabriel -- Family Snapshot.
Kate Bush -- Empty Bullring, December Will Be Magic Again, This Woman's Work, Cloudbusting, Kite, The Saxophone Song, Strange Phenomena, The Man With the Child in His Eyes, Wow, Hammer Horror, Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake, Babooshka, Delius (Song of Summer), Violin, The Wedding List, Breathing.
Sky -- SKY2: Vivaldi, Toccata, Scipio, Fifo/Adagio/Scherzo/Watching the Aeroplanes, Hotta, Sahara; Where Opposites Meet, Meheeco, Connecting Rooms.
U.K. -- (1ST ALBUM): Time to Kill, In the Dead of Night suite, Mental Medication, Nevermore, Alaska; Rendezvous 6:02, Nothing to Lose.
The Nice -- America, Rondo.

...More likely coming soon, as soon as I THINK of some more....

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