Friday, March 21, 2014

#739: Book 3 update

Hey there. Sorry I haven't been around here much lately. I'm not directly connected to the Internet these days, and I've been Busy -- I'm 180+ pages/50,000 words into THE GAS NAZI BOOK. It's almost done. I'm proofreading it now and tossing in little bits and pieces as I go. I hope to have it finished and Out There as a Kindle e-book around April Fool's Day. I'm hoping that if it comes out on April Fool's Day maybe my employers will take it as a joke and not fire me for writing it. Ahhahahahaha, as Keith Moon might have said.
Meanwhile, I remain bored with most music. Am currently playing tapes of Olde Favorites at work. Went through a women-rockers-only phase, then a rockin'-country-women phase, neither of which lasted too long. Being bored with music sucks. Anybody got any (cheap) suggestions?
Based on a review by my buddy Crabby, I tried out Gretchen Wilson's UNDER THE COVERS -- her CD of rockin' cover versions of old Classic Rock hits ... but .... She's OK on some of the rockers. First time I've ever been able to understand ALL THE WORDS on Rod Stewart and Faces' old hit "Stay With Me." She was OK on Billy Squier's "Everybody Wants You." Her version of Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" was ... very restful. But restful's different than haunting.
She DOES have a helluva backing band. They're pretty great. Was especially impressed with them on Zep's "Over the Hills and Far Away." But Gretchen should have punched her vocals up more. She's mostly buried by her band. She sounds like she's singing karaoke. And Gretchen has no excuse, because she produced the CD....
Wish I had some good music news. I'm sure it's just a phase. Please feel free to pass on to me any of your fave raves. I could use them.
More soon....

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R S Crabb said...

Guess who?

Gretchen Wilson can be a good singer but boy did Nashville leave her high and dry after the hits went away. And nobody bought any of her three albums that came out last year, not even the Wal Mart crowd. She does a mean version of Barracuda but perhaps her light have dimmed over the years. You hardly hear anything from her on the radio (outside of Redneck Woman)

Outside of the Mad City excursion, this year's music has been lacking of sorts, I found some offbeat things in the 25 cent bin at the Pawn America pawnshop. Best was Laszlo Gardony's 1988 Legend Of Tsami which reminds me of Dave Brubeck or Bill Evans, piano driven jazz with a slightly demented twist. But like yourself, I'm bored most of the time even on XM sirus radio,they tend to play their own overplayed stuff.

I donno, I beginning to think I have it all ;)