Monday, April 21, 2014

#746: A legend in his own mind

I'll tell you one thing about this e-book-writing stuff:
It ain't makin' me rich.
Not that I was expecting it to.
I feel better just DOING it. Or knowing that I did it. I don't want to be lying on my death bed moaning "I coulda been a contenda...."
But I was hoping for more feedback.
In terms of feedback, so far this book stuff has worked out about like blogging has:
Only about one in 100 people comment.
And that's flattering. But I'd hoped for more.
Especially if you paid money for this stuff. Especially if you're disappointed after paying cash. Then you should be responding.
Ghod knows I've expressed my disappointment in reviews at, and here. That's how I was taught this game was supposed to be played. You pays your money and you gets your shot.
When almost 100 people downloaded free copies of THE CONFESSOR awhile back, I was thrilled. But I was hoping to hear from some of them.
More than 40 people got free copies of GUARANTEED GREAT MUSIC!, too. At least half a dozen more bought the book. Haven't heard from most of them, either.
So far, the only person who's read THE GAS NAZI! is my girlfriend -- she thought it was hilarious. She was laughing all through it. But for some reason, Amazon wouldn't let her post a five-star review. Probably because she's a little biased.
Anyway, if you're out there and you've read the books, feel free to let the good folks at Amazon know what you thought. Or let me have it here.
See, the thing is, I THINK the books have a lot more going on in them than just my ego. I think they're a lot more than just a me-fest. I figured if I laughed at some of these stories, you'd laugh, too. Or cry, in some cases. And I thought that'd be enough.
I have this secret fear that the books might actually be crap, that I might be bullshitting myself.
Which is why the next book's going to be fiction -- probably a horror novel -- so I can back away from this memoir and memoir-disguised-as-a-novel stuff. And see if I can maybe still be Stephen King when I grow up ... sorta.
One thing I'm not gonna do is STOP. Not now. It took me 40 years to get this thing going seriously.
So if you read the books, lemme have it.
You can still download the first 20 pages of any of them for FREE.
And thanks for listening.

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