Friday, August 12, 2016

Dum and dummer (?)

Isn't this the dumbest presidential election campaign ever? Aren't you sick to death of it already? Isn't it even more boring than the Summer Olympics? And there's still three months to go!
Why do we always have to vote NO?!
Donald Trump will say ANYTHING to stir up trouble or get a response, or just to get 30 seconds on TV. That was fine during the primaries, when I think he was just trying to liven things up and get people talking. But now he's out of control and half the Republican Party wants to dump him.
You can't believe a word Hillary Clinton says, either. You can't trust her. She's a little distant. She's not the warmest woman of all time. No wonder Bill went looking elsewhere.
Neither of these candidates has any real solid plans for the future -- beyond getting themselves a paying job for the next four (or eight) years. They make claims, but they have no detailed plans on how to create jobs, cut taxes, help the homeless, keep the country safe, etc. They have absolutely NO plans on how to get Congress to work with whoever's in the Oval Office to help get the U.S. out of the complex mess it's in.
Both say things that are exactly what their core audience wants to hear. And they get cheers for that. From voters whose minds are already made up. But for the rest of us who are undecided, it just gets worse. Bernie, come back. Even though I wasn't sure about you. At least you'd be another choice. And who else is on the ballot?
LATEST FIASCOS: A couple days ago, Trump claimed Barack Obama was "the founder of ISIS," and he wasn't joking. At least one talk-show host thought Trump was speaking metaphorically -- that through Obama's actions in the Middle East, the Prez indirectly supported the climate that's allowed ISIS to spread.
Trump didn't want to be taken metaphorically. He wasn't joking. But NOW that his comments have taken some heat, he claims he was being "sarcastic." This on top of his recent comments that gun-owners could "take care of" Hillary Clinton's campaign....
Meanwhile, Hillary released her tax returns and dared Trump to do so. Her latest tax return shows Bill and Hillary are among the top one-tenth of one percent of American wage-earners, and that they gave more than $1 million to charity.
However, there are now claims that Hillary's health has been failing over the past couple years, and she and her campaign won't address those concerns.
Maybe we should have presidential candidates release their tax records AND their medical records, so we can make sure they're healthy enough to hold public office.... But not TOO healthy, of course....
BIASES: I don't think Hillary Clinton is the warmest, friendliest, nicest person in the world. She's a little grumpy. Her coldness puts me off. And I think she's just as impulsive as Trump. She says Trump's too negative -- but she's not very positive. I don't doubt that she wants what's best for the U.S., but I don't BELIEVE what she says.
Neither of these folks has any reason to claim the other "isn't qualified" or is "too temperamental" to be president. Neither are qualified -- or at least neither act "presidential." Both are temperamental.
Donald Trump sounds more and more like Barry Goldwater in 1964: We're gonna make America great again. We're gonna build a wall around America. We're gonna bomb everybody we don't like. We're gonna cut taxes. We're gonna create jobs. Anybody who wants our military protection is gonna have to pay for it up-front. We're gonna immediately throw out of the country anybody we don't like. Welcome back to 1955, Donald.
With these kinds of choices, who's left? And is this the best we can do?
Did you know more than 1,800 people have filed to run for president? Some of them are just jokes, like Han Solo, "Super Reagan" (Communist Party), "Some Lice" (Republican), or the non-partisan Coffee And Donuts.
I miss Carly Fiorina. I liked her anger. She seemed to really care -- which is more than I can say for Hillary and Donald. There was some passion there.
From the long list of other candidates, how about Jill Stein of the Green Party? At least she wants to rebuild the nation's infrastructure and make sure everybody has a job. Those are good places to start.
I don't know the solution to all this. Maybe I'm as dumb as the candidates. But I know that I'm tired of voting NO.
Ah well, football season's just around the corner....

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