Thursday, October 21, 2010


C'mon Blogger, you're making it all up!
I don't really BELIEVE that 42 people viewed this blog on Wednesday, Oct. 20.
Nor do I believe that 39 people from Holland suddenly, almost overnight, started visiting this blog. That's almost 1/2 as many viewers as I've had from the US in the last week!
What attracted them? (Have I been writing about Focus? Does "tad" translate into "dick" in Dutch?) They couldn't all be visiting to read my theories about whether rock critics killed prog-rock -- at least not according 2 Blogger's stats ... & if that's why they swung by, why didn't any of them comment?
I know -- they visited so they could see ANGELINA JOLIE NAKED!!!
Sorry, guys. It was a bad joke. I personally apologize 2 the Ntire nation of the Netherlands -- most of whom apparently visited this blog in the last 24 hours.... But Ghod knows WHY.
If anything, Blogger's "Stats" info doesn't tell me ENOUGH!
All you folks from the Netherlands out there, WELCOME!
Same goes for you Americans, & my handful of buddies from the UK, & any1 else silly enuf 2 wanna C what kind of weirdness I'm up 2 here. Not that I know....
Right now there's just 1 thing I wanna know:
Is anybody else hooked-up-2 Blogger getting any kinda weird stats like these?
...& if U really R viewing this blog from 1/2way across the planet, could U mayB leave a comment, lemme know who U R & what brot U here & if it was worth it?
I'd appreciate it....


Perplexio said...

I haven't checked my stats lately. I do know I have some ocassional visits from Aussies but I too find some of the other foreign stats to be suspect.

I'm glad that Blogger has started catching spam comments before they even make it to me. I got sick of getting comments generically complimenting my posts followed by links to Costa Rican real estate sites or some other Spam induced drivel.

R Smith said...

I agree that the Stats are a bit wacked out. And thank goodness for the spam comments folder. Half that crap they leave for comments aren't even music related.

Perhaps the stats are overrated. I don't think I moved out of the bottom ten since starting the Top Ten this year ;)

drewzepmeister said...

I check mine quite often. I average about about twenty hits a day from all over the world. I know it doesn't mean much, but it's kinda interesting though. What matters the most, are the cool friends I made. :)

rastronomicals said...

I haven't paid any attention to the Blogger stats because I've been using an Icerocket widget ( to track visitors and the like since I started, before Blogger had the stats thing.

I see foreign visitors all the time, but it doesn't surprise me since most of them get to my blog by following the google image search, and why SHOULDN'T some Dutch dude be interested in the cover art I posted for Safe as Milk or whatever?

though it doesn't necessarily breed loyal readers, Google Image search is a pretty good way to drive hits. And Blogger makes it pretty easy to post images, so . . . .

Gardenhead said...

I get a lot of traffic from my key words. But I'd say they click off very quickly once they see what a weird little place my blog is.