Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ha! Made ya look.
Hope this doesn't sound 2 silly or self-centered, but how bout Blogger's new "Stats" function, eh?
(I mean, it IS new, isn't it? I haven't been using this system 4 a year & just didn't SEE it up til last week, right? Have my eyes really gotten THAT bad?)
Anyway, something NEW 2 play with, Ghod help me. & what AMAZING (frankly unbelievable) statistical information is available right at my fingertips! (No, this is not going to be a commercial 4 Blogger/Google/whoever. Tho I'm sure they must B nice folks....)
4 instance: I'm finding it pretty hard 2 Blieve that a dozen people viewed my last post within the 1st 24 hrs after I posted it. Or that 20 people viewed this blog on the same day last week. C'mon -- there's only about 12 people in the world who know I write a blog ... sometimes. I don't even KNOW 20 people.
I'm also having a hard time Blieving that people in Ghana & Bolivia R viewing this blog. (& Ghod knows what they must think of it.)
& as 4 those folks who stumbled over the Back-Up Plan by doing a blog search -- what the Hell were they looking for?
& if all these people R allegedly out there viewing this stuff -- why the hell Rn't they commenting?
C'mon, don't B shy, I don't bite. If you're in Bolivia & you wondered who else in the world had actually heard the Raiders' 1972 non-hit "Country Wine," go ahead & drop me a line. It would actually be really cool 2 hear from you. If you're really out there. Which I'm not totally convinced about....
Maybe these visits & views R just a random thing -- Do people really do nothing but sit at home & surf the Net 24/7? & do they get PAID 4 it? & how would I go about getting a job like that? Anybody out there who can give me details -- & if there's actual $$$ involved -- fill me in & I'll split the proceeds with you (90/10, of course)....
Wow, maybe I can start attracting more attention by posting stuff with outrageous titles like the 1 above ... or how about "500 Nymphos and a Mule"! That should grab a lotta viewers. Or maybe "Make your penis 6 times bigger -- RIGHT NOW!" ... No, that 1's 2 common already.... Oh, I know -- "Never pay taxes again!!!" That's it.
All I gotta do then is sit back & C how many "hits" I get. (That IS what they're called, isn't it?) Can't wait....
But don't think this means the Back-Up Plan is gonna "go commercial." Oh no, absolutely not. I don't wanna B like every other blog out there, writing about Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers, or whether Lindsay Lohan's back in jail again. Hell no. I'd rather talk about music I was too stupid 2 appreciate 40 years ago -- or last week.
Besides, if I really wanted 2 max-out my readership, I'd probly havta start writing in Real English....
(This post brought to you by Blogger, dedicated to letting idiots express themselves worldwide -- whether anybody reads them or not....)


R Smith said...


I don't know if I really take stock in this ratings and who's reading the blogs, I suspect that's where I'm getting the spam at whenever anybody writes. I'd love to stay home and make big bucks surfing the web to if it was possible, then I would not have to go to packaging at work and be on my feet for 8 GD hours!

I guess I have to make omissions to get anybody to comment such as the guy who pointed out that Ladies Of The Road came from Islands and I did get a message from a Lovehammers fan bout a song inclusion but for the most part as a music lover doing this for fun and wasting time, I think we're on our own to get people interested in music and bands. Hell, Mark Prindle spends more time at the Karaoke bar then he does reviewing music anymore.

Deep Purple has always been one of my fave bands and the reunion and comeback albums are still very good (The Battle Rages On may have been Blackmore vs Gillan in song and Ian takes digs at Ritchie when the chance arrives). Steve Morse has done the band quite well although he'll never convert the Blackmore fans but to each their own. Perpendicular, the first with Morse is a classic in its own way. The last album suffered from a bad mix but as long Ian Gillan remains in a tongue in cheek mood, I'm sure I'll listen to whatever comes out. As for KC Islands...I played it one last time and come to the conclusion, it's pretty boring.

Perplexio said...

I never wasted my time on KC's Islands or on Lizard for that matter. I stuck to the Greg Lake and John Wetton era material. Red remains my favorite KC album with their debut taking a close 2nd.