Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Strange Music by Famous People

Ghod help us all, here comes Another List. I can't believe I haven't posted this before.
Here's a list I came up with a few years back of Great Strange Music by folks I'm sure you've all heard of -- music that got overlooked somehow (in terms of commercial success), or that at the very least you never (or hardly ever) hear on the radio.
This is all great stuff, even if it's a little diffrent or odd or off-the-wall, all well worth tracking down, I'll vouch 4 all of it. Most of this stuff I still play regularly. I make no guarantees about how up-2-date this list is, however.
This is a LONG list, so take a deep breath & here we go....

Aerosmith -- Seasons of Wither.
America -- Sandman, Only in Your Heart, Don't Cross the River, Today's the Day.
Julie Andrews -- Crazy World (from VICTOR/VICTORIA), Something Good (from THE SOUND OF MUSIC).
Bangles -- Hero Takes a Fall, All About You, Dover Beach, Going Down to Liverpool, Restless, He's Got a Secret, Silent Treatment, Return Post, Let it Go, September Gurls, Angels Don't Fall in Love, Following, Not Like You, I'll Set You Free, Glitter Years, Everything I Wanted.
Beach Boys -- Kiss Me Baby, Please Let Me Wonder, Let Him Run Wild, There's No Other (Like My Baby), PET SOUNDS, God Only Knows, Let's Go Away for Awhile, Trombone Dixie, I Can Hear Music, Cabinessence, This Whole World, It's About Time, Long Promised Road, Feel Flows, 'Til I Die, Surf's Up, California Saga (closing), Good Time, Lady Lynda, Good Timin'.
Beatles -- There's a Place, Tomorrow Never Knows, Across the Universe, Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, Thank You Girl, Old Brown Shoe.
Bee Gees -- First of May, Spirits (Having Flown).
Pat Benatar -- Wuthering Heights, Precious Time, Hard to Believe.
Blondie -- Angels on the Balcony, Victor, Just Go Away, Union City Blue, 11:59, Will Anything Happen?, Sunday Girl.
Boston -- Hitch a Ride, Something About You, It's Easy, A Man I'll Never Be, Used to Bad News, My Destination, Can'tcha Say/Still in Love, Hollyann.
Lindsey Buckingham -- Holiday Road.
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks -- BUCKINGHAM/NICKS, Without a Leg to Stand On, Crystal, Crying in the Night.
Byrds -- I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better, John Riley, 5D, Mr. Spaceman, My Back Pages, Chestnut Mare, Ballad of Easy Rider.
CAMELOT Broadway cast album -- Fie on Goodness!, The Seven Deadly Virtues.
The Cars -- Bye Bye Love, Moving in Stereo, All Mixed Up, Dangerous Type, Stranger Eyes.
Cheap Trick -- Surrender, Voices, Stop this Game, World's Greatest Lover.
Chicago -- Questions 67 & 68, In Terms of Two, Critic's Choice.
Eric Clapton -- Let it Grow, Another Ticket.
Phil Collins -- Droned/Hand in Hand.
Christopher Cross -- I Really Don't Know Anymore, Poor Shirley, Minstrel Gigolo.
Neil Diamond -- Do It, Shilo, I Am the Lion, Soolaimon, Holly Holy, Crunchy Granola Suite, Walk on Water, Done Too Soon.
Dire Straits -- Telegraph Road, Going Home (Theme from LOCAL HERO), MAKIN' MOVIES, LOVE OVER GOLD, LOCAL HERO soundtrack, The Way it Always Starts.
Doobie Brothers -- Nobody, Neal's Fandango, I Cheat the Hangman.
Bob Dylan -- One of Us Must Know.
Eagles -- Outlaw Man, James Dean, Seven Bridges Road (live).
Sheena Easton -- You Could Have Been With Me.
Electric Light Orchestra -- Twilight, The Way Life's Meant to Be, TIME, Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle, 10538 Overture, Cross the Border.
Fleetwood Mac -- Oh Well, The Green Manalishi, Dissatisfied, Why?, Hypnotized, The Chain, Silver Springs, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Sisters of the Moon, Brown Eyes, Never Make Me Cry, TUSK, Fireflies, One More Night, The Farmer's Daughter, I'm So Afraid (live), Big Love (live), Straight Back, Eyes of the World, Book of Love, Wish You Were Here, Isn't it Midnight?, Tango in the Night, Murrow Turning Over in His Grave, Miranda, Red Rover, Come.
Dan Fogelberg -- SOUVENIRS, Tell Me to My Face, Phoenix, Along the Road, Nexus, THE INNOCENT AGE.
Peter Gabriel -- Family Snapshot.
Genesis -- Ripples, Mad Man Moon, Robbery Assault and Battery, Entangled, Squonk, Dance on a Volcano, Your Own Special Way, Afterglow, Wot Gorilla?, The Musical Box (closing section, live), Supper's Ready (live), The Carpet Crawl (live), Vancouver, Inside and Out, Like It or Not, You Might Recall...., In the Cage (live).
Go-Go's -- Can't Stop the World, You Thought, Forget That Day, Capture the Light, I'm With You, Mercenary, TALK SHOW.
Grateful Dead -- Uncle John's Band, Terrapin, Passenger.
Arlo Guthrie -- Presidential Rag.
Daryl Hall -- Something in 4/4 Time.
Heart -- Soul of the Sea, Mistral Wind, Sweet Darlin', Rockin' Heaven Down, Love Alive.
Hollies -- ROMANY, Magic Woman Touch, Long Dark Road, Sandy (4th of July, Asbury Park).
Jefferson Airplane -- Crown of Creation, Good Shepherd, We Can Be Together, Volunteers, Mexico.
Jefferson Starship -- All Nite Long, FREEDOM AT POINT ZERO (& title song), Fading Lady Light, Save Your Love, Winds of Change.
Billy Joel -- Traveling Prayer, The Entertainer, All for Leyna.
Elton John -- Teacher I Need You, Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, Gray Seal, The Ballad of Danny Bailey, All the Girls Love Alice, Your Sister Can't Twist But She Can Rock and Roll, Social Disease, Harmony, Roy Rogers, Step into Christmas, (Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket, Ego, Song for Guy, Sartorial Eloquence (Don't You Wanna Play This Game No More?), Have Mercy on the Criminal.
Journey -- Feelin' That Way/Anytime, Something to Hide, Daydream, People and Places, Spaceman.
Carole King -- Snow Queen.
Kinks -- Village Green Preservation Society, Shangri-La, Victoria, Apeman, Celluloid Heroes (live), Sunny Afternoon, Dead End Street.
Cyndi Lauper -- Money Changes Everything, When You Were Mine.
Led Zeppelin -- The Rover, Carouselambra, Fool in the Rain.
Gordon Lightfoot -- Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Ten Degrees and Getting Colder, Beautiful, Don Quixote, Summer Side of Life, High and Dry, Seven Islands Suite, The Circle is Small.
Kenny Loggins -- Conviction of the Heart.
Jeff Lynne -- Lift Me Up, Every Little Thing.
Madonna -- The Look of Love, Oh Father, Dear Jessie, Bad Girl.
Paul McCartney/Wings -- Let Me Roll It, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five, Love in Song, Magneto and Titanium Man, Medicine Jar.
Men at Work -- Be Good Johnny, Down by the Sea, No Sign of Yesterday.
Joni Mitchell -- Raised on Robbery, Coyote.
Monkees -- Take a Giant Step, Papa Gene's Blues, Sweet Young Thing, Shades of Gray, Your Auntie Grizelda, The Kind of Girl I Could Love, The Girl I Knew Somewhere, You Just May be the One, Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Title), Sunny Girlfriend, No Time, The Door into Summer, Love is Only Sleeping, Words, Daily Nightly, Tapioca Tundra, I'll Be Back Up On My Feet, The Porpoise Song, As We Go Along, Listen to the Band.
Moody Blues -- Peak Hour, Evening: Time to Get Away, Simple Game, Eyes of a Child (Part Two), It's Up to You, Our Guessing Game, One More Time to Live, You Can Never Go Home, For My Lady, You and Me, Land of Make-Believe, In My World, Meanwhile, Nervous, Veteran Cosmic Rocker, THE PRESENT, Blue World, Meet Me Halfway, It's Cold Outside of Your Heart, Running Water, Sorry, No More Lies.
Van Morrison -- Caravan, Into the Mystic, Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile).
Olivia Newton-John -- If Not for You, Suspended in Time.
Stevie Nicks -- Think About It, Outside the Rain.
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- House at Pooh Corner, Some of Shelley's Blues.
Alan Parsons Project -- The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether, Some Other Time, Winding Me Up, I'd Rather be a Man, The Gold Bug, Don't Answer Me, Days are Numbers (The Traveler), You Don't Believe, THE INSTRUMENTAL WORKS.
Pink Floyd -- Flaming, Astronome Domine (live), One of These Days, One of My Turns, In the Flesh?, The Trial, High Hopes, Keep Talking.
Police -- Can't Stand Losing You, REGATTA DE BLANC, Omegaman, Secret Journey, Darkness, Does Everyone Stare?, On Any Other Day.
Pretenders -- Mystery Achievement, Lovers of Today, Up the Neck, Tattooed Love Boys, Space Invaders, 2000 Miles, Time the Avenger, Hymn to Her.
Prince -- Sometimes it Snows in April, Anotherloverholeinyohead.
Queen -- '39, The Prophet's Song, Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to....), Save Me, Rock It (Prime Jive), It's Late, INNUENDO.
REO Speedwagon -- Roll With the Changes, Blazing Your Own Trail Again, Don't Let Him Go.
Ronettes -- I Wonder, The Best Part of Breakin' Up.
Linda Ronstadt -- Long Long Time, Someone to Lay Down Beside Me, Party Girl, I Can't Let Go.
Todd Rundgren -- Saving Grace, Song of the Viking, Couldn't I Just Tell You?, Real Man.
Rush -- Red Barchetta, The Camera Eye, Distant Early Warning, Manhattan Project, Force Ten, Time Stand Still, Mystic Rhythms (live), Show Don't Tell, Marathon.
Boz Scaggs -- Dinah Flo, You've Got Some Imagination.
Simon and Garfunkel -- The Only Living Boy in New York, Keep the Customers Satisfied, For Emily Whenever I May Find Her.
Steely Dan -- My Old School, Gaucho, Third World Man, Pretzel Logic, Barrytown, Any Major Dude Will Tell You, Dirty Work, Don't Take Me Alive.
Rod Stewart -- Handbags and Gladrags.
Barbra Streisand -- Sweet Inspiration/Where You Lead (live), Stoney End.
Donna Summer -- I Love You, State of Independence.
Supertramp -- School, Crime of the Century, Babajii, From Now On, Gone Hollywood, Just Another Nervous Wreck, Child of Vision.
Tears for Fears -- The Working Hour, Broken.
'Til Tuesday -- Maybe Monday, Don't Watch Me Bleed.
Ike and Tina Turner -- River Deep Mountain High.
Turtles -- Lady-O, We'll Meet Again, Sound Asleep, Grim Reaper of Love.
Pete Townshend -- A Little is Enough, Jools and Jim, Gonna Get Ya, And I Moved, North Country Girl, Uniforms, Somebody Saved Me, Slit Skirts, Zelda, Now and Then, Misunderstood, My Baby Gives it Away.
U2 -- I Will Follow, Twilight, Into the Heart, Out of Control, Gloria.
Suzanne Vega -- 1st album, Small Blue Thing, Marlene on the Wall, Knight Moves, Cracking, Freeze Tag.
Joe Walsh -- Meadows, Rivers (of the Hidden Funk).
Who -- I'm the Face, The Kids are Alright, Substitute, Disguises, SELL OUT, Little Billy, Dogs, Melancholia, Call Me Lightning, Let's See Action, Bell Boy, 5:15, Doctor Jimmy, The Relay, Slip Kid, Blue Red and Grey, Dreaming from the Waist (live), Daily Records, Another Tricky Day.
Steve Winwood -- Still in the Game, Spanish Dancer, Night Train, Dust.

...If anybody out there can get thru this list alive, we'll talk more....

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