Monday, July 15, 2013

#696: Crossection

A suggested experimental radio format:

Coming out of 3 minutes of National & Local News:
Easybeats -- "Friday on My Mind."
Cheap Trick -- "Surrender."
Eagles -- "The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks."
Beyonce -- "Irreplaceable."
Marvin Gaye -- "Inner City Blues."
Spinners -- "I'm Coming Home."
Stylistics -- "You Are Everything."
Beatles -- "There's a Place."

BOTTOM OF THE HOUR. 2 minutes of National & Local News.
REO -- "Don't Let Him Go."
Five Man Electrical Band -- "Absolutely Right."
Johnny Cash -- "Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog."
Buck Owens -- "I've Got a Tiger by the Tail."
Fleetwood Mac -- "Hypnotized."
John Coltrane -- "Giant Steps."
Miles Davis -- "It Never Entered My Mind."
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass -- "A Beautiful Friend."
TOP OF THE HOUR, into 3 minutes of National & Local News....

This is just for starters. All the songs could be exchanged for others of a similar genre. SURPRISE should be the format's motto. That and WHAT'S NEXT? Or even WHO'S NEXT?!
Possible changes/additions:
* Replace Beyonce with any GOOD Urban/R&B/Rap/Hip-Hop song from the past decade (your choice). (Outkast's "Hey Ya" for example....)
* Replace Marvin Gaye with any good Motown hit or album track from the '60s/'70s.
* Replace "There's a Place" with any good Beatles B-side or album track.
* Replace Fleetwood Mac with any other good underplayed Mac song.
* Toss in a '70s singer-songwriter to replace The Spinners or The Stylistics -- Joni Mitchell's "Coyote" or "Raised on Robbery," Carole King's "Been to Canaan," Jackson Browne's "The Fuse," Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic," Cat Stevens's "Bitterblue," Jim Croce's "Lover's Cross," Steely Dan's "Gaucho," etc.
* Toss in BOC's "Morning Final"/"E.T.I."/"Astronomy" (IMAGINOS version) to replace REO or The Eagles -- or some other good heavy-rock song: Deep Purple's "Hush"/"Kentucky Woman"/"Highway Star," Motorhead's "Killed by Death," AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," Hawkwind's "You'd Better Believe It," Led Zeppelin's "Over the Hills and Far Away"/"The Rover"/"Immigrant Song," Spooky Tooth's "Feelin' Bad," etc.
* Replace the Country stuff with any other good seldom-heard-on-pop-radio Country song since the '60s ("Six Days on the Road," "The Girl on the Billboard," "Passionate Kisses," "Melancholy Child," "Whenever You Walk in the Room," etc).
* Replace Herb Alpert with Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" or any other GOOD MOR hit from the '60s -- Glen Campbell's "It's Only Make Believe," Petula Clark's "I Know a Place," Fifth Dimension's "Carpet Man," etc. ...or even a REAL Oldie like Louis Jordan's "Barnyard Boogie."
* Toss in other jazz numbers -- Thelonious Monk's "Underground," Miles Davis's "In a Silent Way," Keith Jarrett's "Country," etc.
* Toss in a recognized Classical piece now & then -- Aaron Copland's "Hoedown" or the "Simple Gifts" coda to "Appalachian Spring," etc.
* Toss in a Prog Rock Oldie -- Yes's "The South Side of the Sky," ELP's "Karn Evil 9/First Impression (Part 1)," Genesis's "Inside and Out," King Crimson's "Frame By Frame," etc.
* Keep the Local News in there so folks know if there's an ugly wreck on the freeway or some other emergency.

If I can come up with this format -- which SHOULD work and could potentially please a wide variety of listeners -- in less than 10 minutes, why can't Radio grow some balls and do it?
And if somebody wants to donate lots of cash, I'll make it happen. We'll probably have to BUY a radio station first.... Please make your kind and generous donations below....
Suggestions and complaints are welcome, too....


R S Crabb said...

Long time ago, there was something called AM radio. They played a cross section of pop/rock/country. I miss those days! ;)

TAD said...

Me too. Why would it be so hard or not economically feasible to return to that kind of programming now? You COULD broadcast enough of a cross-section to please LOTS of people & not scare anybody off. I'm sure it could get MUCH louder (or even softer) & much more adventurous than I've outlined here ... & we've only got a few hundred years worth of music to play, right?
Crabby, if I ever get the donations to make this happen, I'll hire you as a DJ. With your knowledge & vast record collection, I know you'd do a great job. You don't even have to TALK, just put on some of those great overlooked oldies....