Thursday, July 25, 2013


OK, let's keep this fairly brief.
When I started doing this stuff 4-1/2 years ago I had no idea I'd end up writing 700 posts. Crap, I thought I was All Written Out a couple of years ago and had nothing left to say.
But lately, stuff just keeps popping into my head, so I keep putting it here.
I'm not sure what I'm writing, exactly. But since a novel doesn't seem to want to come out, maybe I'm writing my memoirs here while I can still remember stuff. And that's OK with me.
I remain Musically Bored, so if anybody's got any suggestions, Now's The Time.
I can still get caught off-guard by stuff. Last night at work I was playing some tapes from my old Wyoming buddy Jim Yule's record collection, and was tripped up by some sort of good-timey male acoustic duo doing some kind of light-hearted party song, sort of a "Dear Mr. Fantasy" without the dragging length, over in two minutes without wearing out its welcome. It sounded like something Dave Mason or Traffic might have done when they were mostly-awake.
But I didn't remember recording it, couldn't remember who it was, probably hadn't heard it since 1996 when I made the tape. So I had to go home and check my files to clear up the mystery.
Turns out it was "The Happy Song" by the Box Tops, which I assume was the B-side of their great "Soul Deep." Which it sounds NOTHING like.
Not saying this is some Lost Classic for the ages or even a Great B-Side. But it was new and different to me, I didn't remember it, and there you go. Tracking down this kind of stuff is what this blog is supposed to be all about.
Something else that's struck me as odd recently: That post I did awhile back about Kevin Ayers' ODD DITTIES ("Sitting on the beach like Clarence in Wonderland," see below) has had 40 views so far. That's a lot for this blog. I never know what's going to get looked at the most, what's going to ring your chimes Out There....
Over the past few days I've also been going back and turning my older posts into "Real English." No more "shorthand" or texting-style. I've made it as far back as that "Dream 3" post at the end of May. Only 475 more  to go!
The reason for this is ... for one, I got a comment awhile back that convinced me maybe it's time to Grow Up a little bit here. Not that I plan to start taking myself seriously....
The other reason is -- now more than ever I want to be understood, I want feedback, I want to know what you folks Out There think. And I'm never going to get that if the stuff I post here is too hard to read.
Plus it always helps to have a Mission In Life....
At least since "The poster-child for stressing-out" or "My Worst Moment" it's seemed to me there's nothing I CAN'T write about, as long as I have somewhere to start and a handle on what I want to say.
I've posted some things here in the past that I was actually scared to put Out There, that I thought were too revealing, that had me shaking before I hit that "Publish" button.
But these days I'm not worried about that stuff. Full speed ahead! (As soon as I finish putting stuff into English....)
I'll still be reviewing things, but these days more than ever I am a Low Budget Guy. So if I can hear or read something & keep it cheap, that's where I'll be heading.
I predict More Nostalgia ahead too, though I never know when the next one's coming or where it will end up....
Thanks for reading here. And for gosh sakes, let me know what you think. I've been waiting for years for someone to tell me I'm full of shit, & it ain't happened yet.... (Which doesn't mean YOU need to jump in, Crabby....)
More soon....

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