Saturday, September 14, 2013

#712: "Strike One"

From The Book:

Toward the end it all just seemed like drudgery and paychecks bouncing. Cleaning up after everyone else and telling customers "I'm sorry, we're out of that," and either getting paid two weeks late or never getting paid at all.
I started getting pretty grumpy at work. Even at what had once been My Dream Job.
So I started telling customers how I felt.
When customers came in asking whether The Cars' then-new album PANORAMA was any good, I told them the truth.
I told them it sucked.
"You CAN'T say THAT!" my Manager Robyn said when she found out. "We won't SELL any! Just tell people if they liked the last one they'll probably like this one! NOBODY CARES about your opinion!"
"But Robyn, you KNOW it sucks!"
"Wall of Voodoo ALWAYS tells people EXACTLY what he thinks," I explained, falling back on the in-store behavior seen since day one on the part of the company's resident heavy-metal expert. "If something sucks, he TELLS people that!"
"NOBODY CARES about the crap HE likes!" Robyn said. "And besides, The Wall doesn't work here!"
That was probably the first official step on my downhill slide toward quitting the record store. And probably the first time I ever really pissed-off Robyn, who had once been my hero -- who I would never have gotten the job without....


R S Crabb said...

when I used to work at Relics when asked about an album that I didn't like, I would say "it's different" rather than saying it sucks. I think I liked Panorama than you did Tad, and there was some nice stuff with Up And Down and Gimme Some Slack and the side 1 closer (Can't think of the name) but it does pale to the next two. Carry on ;)

2000 Man said...

I liked their first two albums. After that, I prefer pictures of Paulina Porizkova to the sounds of The Cars. I've been asked what record store I worked in, and I never worked in one, just hung out in them. The money kinda sucked and I had a kid, so I needed something with things like overtime and benefits. Some day, if I ever get to retire and if there's still a record store, I'll go work in one for free records.