Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday night playlist

(* = Great stuff!)

Irma Thomas -- *River is Waiting, *I Think it's Going to Rain Today, If I Had Any Good Sense I'd Go Back Home, Overrated, Be You (all from SIMPLY GRAND).
Etta James -- *The Jealous Kind, Come to Mama.
Bo Diddley -- *Mona, Who Do You Love?
Delfonics -- *Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time?
Spinners -- *I'll Be Around, *I'm Coming Home.
Al Green -- *You Ought to be With Me, *I Can't Get Next to You, *Love and Happiness, *Take Me to the River, *Call Me, *Love Ritual, *L-O-V-E Love, *Let's Stay Together, *I'm Still in Love With You.
Dramatics -- *What'cha See is What'cha Get, *In the Rain, *(Gimme Some) Good Soul Music.
Funkadelic -- *Can You Get to That?
Aretha Franklin -- *Rock Steady.
Brothers Johnson -- *Strawberry Letter 23.
Timmy Thomas -- *Why Can't We Live Together?
Tower of Power -- *So Very Hard to Go, *Down to the Nightclub, *You're Still a Young Man, *What is Hip?
Sly and the Family Stone -- *M'Lady, *Sing a Simple Song, *Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin, *I Wanna Take You Higher.
Earth, Wind and Fire -- *Serpentine Fire, *Getaway.
Sanford-Townsend Band -- *Smoke From a Distant Fire.
Booker T and the MG's -- *Time is Tight, *Hang 'Em High.
Wilson Pickett -- *Land of a Thousand Dances, *Funky Broadway, *Don't Knock My Love, *Fire and Water.
James Brown -- *I Feel Good (I Got You), *Papa's Got a Brand New Bag.
Otis Redding -- *Shake, *Respect, *Try a Little Tenderness.
Janis Joplin -- *Kosmic Blues.

BTW, our station is now selling a gallon of Regular gas for $2.19 -- the lowest price we've had in YEARS....

Am currently 90 pages into my book about my old writer buddy Don Vincent. The book is called WHAT HE MEANT -- at least for now. Am currently proofreading, not sure quite what I have yet, and I could use another 10,000 words, 10 pages or so, but that might yet work out....
On Friday worked on two short stories -- one about a tiny radio station that becomes "Radio Free America" when things in this country start getting even weirder -- not sure if that's gonna be a short-story or a book or what.... Took another look at the silly possessed-coffeemaker horror-story I wrote last April: I still like it. Did some cutting and re-writing to make it a little clearer, may send it out again for another rejection, soon as I find somewhere else to send it....
Am currently reading THE JOURNALS OF JOYCE CAROL OATES 1973-1982 -- it's pretty involving, even though I haven't read that much of her work, a few short stories. Some of her stories are pretty dark. Was struck by a comment she made about one of her books, THE TRIUMPH OF THE SPIDER MONKEY: "This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever read -- and I wrote it." So I'm gonna have to check THAT out now....
Hope you all are well....

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