Monday, June 27, 2016

The 75 essential Moody Blues songs

I always thought it was a shame that the Moody Blues didn't have more hits in the '60s and '70s, since they were a great pop band, they had lots of great songs, and I've still never heard anyone else quite like them.
So, partly inspired by THE 100 BEST BEATLES SONGS (reviewed below), here's a list of the 75 most essential, greatest Moody Blues songs ever ... in chronological order....
Items with an * are especially recommended.

Go Now
* Peak Hour
* Tuesday Afternoon
* Evening: Time to Get Away
* Twilight Time
* Nights in White Satin
Late Lament
* Departure
* Ride My See-Saw
* Legend of a Mind
* Voices in the Sky
* The Actor
The Word
* Simple Game
* In the Beginning
* Lovely to See You
Send Me No Wine
To Share Our Love
So Deep Within You
* Never Comes the Day
* The Dream
Have You Heard?/The Voyage/Have You Heard Part 2
Eyes of a Child
* Eyes of a Child Part 2
* Out and In
* Gypsy
Sun is Still Shining
Candle of Life
* Watching and Waiting
* Question
* Don't You Feel Small?
Tortoise and the Hare
* It's Up to You
* Minstrel's Song
* Dawning is the Day
* Melancholy Man
* The Story in Your Eyes
* Our Guessing Game
Emily's Song
After You Came
* One More Time to Live
* You Can Never Go Home
* For My Lady
* You and Me
* Land of Make-Believe
* I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band
(From Justin Hayward and John Lodge's album BLUE JAYS: *This Morning, *Remember Me My Friend, * My Brother, *You, *Saved by the Music, *Who Are You Now?, Maybe, *When You Wake Up)
* The Voice
Gemini Dream
* In My World
* Meanwhile
* Nervous
* Veteran Cosmic Rocker
* Blue World
* Meet Me Halfway
Sitting at the Wheel
* It's Cold Outside of Your Heart
* Running Water
I Am
* Sorry
* Your Wildest Dreams
The Other Side of Life
* I Know You're Out There Somewhere
No More Lies

Investigate these if you haven't heard them before, and you can thank me later. These are all well worth your time.... My all-time favorite is "You and Me," but "Simple Game," "You Can Never Go Home," "It's Up to You," "Meanwhile," "Blue World" and "When You Wake Up" will all getcha too....

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