Saturday, June 11, 2016


Sorry for the delays here, folks. I've gotten involved with someone new over the last six weeks, and it has become pretty serious and pretty mushy pretty quickly. So I've been spending less time here. I apologize for that, but I'm not going to apologize about having a real life again.
I'm still listening to music and reading, and that will continue. Still hitting-up my local Goodwills for cheap treasures. Latest scores include three Nick Drake CD's, Al Stewart's YEAR OF THE CAT, Creedence CHRONICLE best-of, John Lennon LEGEND best-of, Dylan's BLONDE ON BLONDE, Joni Mitchell HITS, Joan Armatrading best-of, Supertramp best-of, three Steely Dan CD's, best-of's by James Brown, Jim Croce, Warren Zevon, Roy Orbison, etc. Goodwill has been berry berry good to me.
Not finding any cheap CD's by Pink Floyd, Queen, Motorhead. Odd how that works.
My buddies at KPLU got their $7 million in public donations, so I assume their weekend "All Blues" program will be continuing. You can hear that great stuff from 6 p.m. to midnight Pacific Time each Saturday and Sunday over their streaming service at
I'm involved in yet another new writing project -- trying to turn the rock and roll novel I've been trying to write since at least 1982 into an after-the-bomb-drops fantasy/folk setting with magic and music and all the great friends I knew in and after high school. I'd like to make them all immortal -- especially since some of them are dead now. I'm 12 pages in, about 6,000 words, and already this writing just-for-fun is surprising me. So we'll see where it goes and I'll keep you posted.
Again, my apologies for not writing here more often. But I'm very happy and life is good ... and love is REALLY great. Hope all you out there are doing well, too.
More soon....


R S Crabb said...

Maybe I should check out your Goodwill stores. Ours are usually picked clean. I don't like the new Goodwill's, too sterile smelling as well.

Good to see your love life rebounding. I haven't had much luck in the four plus years of breaking up with the Brat but we talk once in a while. Still doing the usual sunday jams but I going to cut back for a while. Too many subpar musicians wanting to start bands and they get mad at me when I say I got a real job and can't do it. The ratings will be around 2000 again this month, not much comments. But as you can tell, the last few blogs have been slow news events.

Keep rocking and keep in touch.
Crabby from Record World

TAD said...

Hi Crabby -- I've peeked at your blog recently and will get some comments to you soonish. I admire the way you keep on truckin'.
And don't give up on finding someone. If it can happen to me at my advanced age and with my weirdnesses, it could happen to you too.
And thanks for your support.