Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm BAAACK....

Hey there folks. Thanx 2 my roommate & the good folks at WalMart, I'm back in bizness here at the Back-Up Plan.
My old computer died early in August, & during my 2-month forced layoff I was feeling very directionless, depressed, without a purpose or a Mission In Life. (My real-life job doesn't count.) Hopefully I'm about 2 rediscover that Mission, & if U're out there reading this, welcome aboard.
During my 2-month vacation I read a lot, the 1st time I've REALLY gotten in2 fiction again in a coupla yrs. Read sevral books the last few wks especially, including Bruce Sterling's outrageous & funny ZEITGEIST, & 3 novels by James Ellroy that I re-read -- the brilliant L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, the Xcellent THE BIG NOWHERE (which I'd 4got10 nearly ALL of since reading it a coupla yrs back), & I'm currently re-reading Ellroy's THE BLACK DAHLIA 4 about the 5th time. Ellroy's pretty brilliant. I also got about 1/2way thru re-reading James Tiptree Jr.'s BRIGHTNESS FALLS FROM THE AIR, & was having a pretty good time with it until the cuteness factor got me & I bogged down. I'll B posting reviews of all of these books + more books & music as I go along.
Haven't bn listening 2 music quite so much lately, not sure why, but mayB that intrest will return now that I'm re-connected again here & have somewhere 2 blab again.
My old website -- TAD's Weird Ass Music and Books -- is still up & running, tho I no longer have access 2 post new info on it. While I was on vacation, spammers apparently turned the "comments" sections in2 1 giant ad 4 Viagra. If U can 4give that, I still think there's some good reading that can B found there, including all the Ntries on early-'70s radio nostalgia, '60s & '70s science fiction, all the Great Lost Singles write-ups, the rant about Michael Jackson & CNN, & reviews of work by the Beach Boys, Nick Drake, Kate Bush, Fairport Convention & others.
I hope 2 keep blabbing about whatever strikes my fancy, now that I'm connected again. MayB there were only 1/2 a dozen people in the world who were reading me B4 my old computer's untimely demise, but after I got disconnected I felt like some1 had cut off my hands. It's great 2 B back.
I hope 2 B talking 2 U more about great overlooked books & music & whatever else gets me going (probly 2 include LOTS of nostalgia, as usual) VERY SOON. Cheers, & thanx 4 reading me....


Gardenhead said...

Hi Tad thanks a million dropping by. I just added you to my blogroll. See you on the other side of my PhD.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, Tadster.
I've missed the txt speak and the truly passionate, intricately detailed entries.
I shall stick thee onto my blogroll straight away, dude.

R Smith said...

welcome back!

tad said...

G, Adam, Crabby -- Thanx 4 the good words, U guys R THE BEST. -- TAD.