Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's goin on....

Currently re-reading Ian MacDonald's brilliant REVOLUTION IN THE HEAD, the best book EVER about the Beatles. Read the original version back in about 2001, so am eager 2 C what's new in this updated, revised edition (2007).
Fulla great Dtails, NEthing BUT boring track-by-track analysis of the Beatles' songs, & some GREAT jokes (Xplaining why, on "Love Me Do," producer George Martin assigned the vocal leading in2 the harmonica break 2 McCartney: Bcos Lennon, heading in2 the break that he played on harmonica, had previously bn singing "Love Me waaaah! -- which was deemed uncommercial.") -- amazing that a guy who could write this vividly, this brilliantly -- the 1st person 2 get something NEW outta the Beatles' work in 30 yrs -- should fall victim 2 an ongoing battle against Clinical Depression. MacDonald committed suicide in 2003. He knew his stuff -- there's a long article by MacDonald also posted on-line about the impact of Depression on Nick Drake's tragically shortened life, & tho MacDonald didn't know Drake, his insight is pretty amazing, & the writing is (of course) beautiful. & as my own dark moods & definitely-minor-league depressions have taught me, sometimes NOTHING helps. Who knows what else was happening in MacDonald's life, but U'd think he'd keep bashing away with the 1 thing he did Xtremely well....
NEway.... Coming fairly soon (hopefully): New reviews of The Strawbs' HALCYON DAYS best-of, Badfinger's WISH YOU WERE HERE, Lewis Shiner's SAY GOODBYE: THE LAURIE MOSS STORY (novel), Ian McDonald's CHAGA (collection of linked short-stories), Jonathon Green's DAYS IN THE LIFE: VOICES FROM THE ENGLISH UNDERGROUND, 1961-1971 (oral history), Animal Collective's MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILION & Television Personalities' MY DARK PLACES (2 attempts 2 try 2 listen 2 something FAIRLY NEW -- *takes deep breath*), & possibly a look back at Hipgnosis's WALK AWAY RENE & Roger Dean's VIEWS.
I also promised a friend a review of It's A Beautiful Day's 1st 2 albums MONTHS ago & have never got10 2 them. I am consumed w/ guilt & shall try 2 do better.
I also wanted 2 babble some more about my newspapering & military Xperiences, but that can cer10ly wait.... It's cold & rainy here. Hope U all R well. Keep warm! -- TAD.

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