Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Early Valentine's Day....

Various Artists: TINA'S ALBUM/BOISE IDAHO 1977-1982 (a mix tape)
including Journey: "Lights"
Barclay James Harvest: "Hymn"/"Spirit on the Water"
Renaissance: "Northern Lights"/"Ocean Gypsy" (live)
Genesis: "Afterglow"
Boston: "Used to Bad News"/"A Man I'll Never Be"
Illusion: "Everywhere You Go"
Journey: "Patiently"
Fleetwood Mac: "Silver Springs"
Shoes: "Too Late"/"In My Arms Again"
Kate Bush: "The Man With the Child in His Eyes"
Camel: "Breathless"
Todd Rundgren: "Saving Grace"
Genesis: "Your Own Special Way"
Gentle Giant: "On Reflection"
Genesis: "Ripples"
Journey: "Feeling That Way"/"Anytime"
Renaissance: "Ashes are Burning" (live) (opening)

Here's a quick look at summa what I was listening-2 right after highschool, Btween '77 & '82, Cms like 10,000 yrs ago now -- the more accessible stuff, the stuff that wouldn't scare people outta the house. Some of it also coincides w/ my 1st Dream Job, working in The Musicworks record store in Boise (Shoes, Kate Bush & Fleetwood Mac come from this).
Much of this music is also connected 2 the weirdest & possibly worst relationship w/ a woman that I've ever had. So, Happy Early Valentine's Day.
Tina was the redhead I fell 4 after my highschool sweetheart broke my heart. The match was doomed from the start, Bcos Tina's 1st boyfriend was my best friend -- & he warned me she was nuts. He had no idea how right he was.
But Tina & I were both lonely, young & stupid. We put-up w/ each other 4 almost 3 yrs, thru yelling arguments & tears & break-ups & make-ups. She made me crazy, & not in a Good Way. Inna lotta ways, actually. In addition 2 making every day a Crisis, a Drama, also while allegedly w/ me she apparently slept w/ enuf other guys 2 field at least the offense 1/2 of a football team. I lost track after awhile. All this while refusing 2 have sex w/ me. We didn't have sex 4 the last 9 mo's we were "2gether." (I didn't cheat on her -- possibly cos I could never tell if some1 was intrested -- still can't.)
& why did I put up w/ this crap 4 3 yrs? Bcos I was DUMB. Ain't love grand?
My best friend told me I'd B achieving a minor miracle if I ever got Tina's clothes off. Well, getting her clothes off wasn't that tough. I was proudly able 2 proclaim that I'd per4med a minor miracle within 2 wks of meeting her. The Rest took awhile longer....
At some point in the proceedings I figured out that Tina -- tho loud -- was painfully shy. That during sex she preferred 2 B Somewhere Else, so that she wouldn't B Mbarrassed. So I assembled the songs above, those from my collection that she played over&over, so that during intimate moments she could clamp the headphones over her head & I could continue w/o Mbarrassing interruptions....
I wish I could report that she was worth the trouble -- I don't really remember. MayB she was 2 the OTHER guys on her football team. I remember us 1nce interrupting a session long enuf 2 go out & eat pizza, then continuing where we left off when we got home, the only time THAT'S ever happened 2 me, which indicates there musta bn SOME kind of inspiration there....
But I doubt that I was a very inspiring partner either. It took me YEARS 2 figure out how things were sposta work & how 2 make my partner happy. Until I was 35, as a matter of fact. Ghod knows I TRIED. But there were YEARS of thrashing & flailing & laughing & Mbarrassment. Ghod, biology can B brutal.
So, if Tina wanted music so she could lie back & think of England, who was I 2 object?
So what if this particular selection is a little high on the melodrama? ("Hymn," "Afterglow," "A Man I'll Never Be," "Patiently," "Silver Springs," "Your Own Special Way," "Ripples" -- probly the whole damn thing.) Tina was definitely a Drama Queen & I'm 1 myself a lotta the time. So what if there's 2 much Journey & Boston & Genesis & 2 much Art Rock in general in this selection? (Hey, watch yr mouth -- middle-period Genesis was pretty great, I've gotta write them up sometime....)
I like 2 think the inclusion of more down-2-Earth trax like those by the Shoes & Todd Rundgren help balance things out a bit. The Shoes songs R breathy, heartbroken brilliance, & Todd's "Saving Grace" is merely the best thing he's ever done, "A song for our generation," as he wrote in the liner notes 4 SOMETHING/ANYTHING?
This is the only mix tape or CD I've ever made 4 NE1. My highschool sweetheart 1nce told me that Mike Oldfield's OMMADAWN (Side 1) was great music 2 have sex 2, but she never tried it on me. (She also Bqueathed me Gentle Giant's "On Reflection." Probly a good thing she never heard "Funny Ways"....)
My X-wife's mix CD would B 75 mins of nothing but Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know."
If I were 2 assemble a mix CD 4 my current/most recent girlfriend, it would include Rod Stewart's "Handbags and Gladrags," all of Nick Drake's BRYTER LAYTER, & Caravan's "All the Way (With John Wayne's Single-Handed Liberation of Paris)." & I would wanna add Blue October's "Calling You."
The downside of all this? Well, these 20 songs sometimes make me think of a psychotic redhead from my distant past. I haven't Cn her or talked 2 her since 1982. Last I heard, she had married a distant friend of mine & they were living w/ her even-more-psychotic mother -- the alcoholic mother who had twisted her Byond repair 2 Bgin w/.
Even after she was married, she kept calling me, saying that I was more attractive 2 her now that I was Off Limits....
I've never dated another woman named Tina. They're all Trouble.
I've never dated another redhead. They're all crazy, Rn't they?
...Hey, wait. My mother was a redhead....


R Smith said...

Redheads are so interesting. Dated two of them, Lisa was into dance music and Cher Believe. Very down to earth but it didn't work out due to distance and we kinda went different directions. The other Isabella was a case study in itself. She was into Queensryche but also opera in the same boat but very split personality. Last week I spent with her was the week from hell. She had real snakes for pets and they seemed to like me more than she did. Alas, she was a drug addict and eventually she did overdose around 2004. Good girl when she wasn't wacked out on drugs but that was a rare occasion.

I can't say if Ommadawn would be good to make love to, but I find that Bob Marley or Gregory Isaacs works quite well. Even Freedy Johnston's This Perfect World worked one rainy night.

drewzepmeister said...

For romantic occasions, I like to pull out some Journey, Fleetwood Mac, or Supertramp.