Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update 10

Hey there y'all. Tooka coupla days off, hung out w/ the girlfriend & watched silly movies.
Also saw ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, an impressionistic '60s history connected by re-made Beatles songs (not unlike MAMMA MIA, tho MAMMA MIA was totally lite & silly, & ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is a lot darker in places). It was pretty good, & summa the remakes were really Xcellent. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" made a BEAUTIFUL wistful, longing love ballad. & "With a Little Help From My Friends" made perfect sense as a lads' singalong. Especially liked the nod 2 Joe Cocker's cover-version of the song at the Nd of it. "Let it Be" was pretty moving, 2. Summa the other early Beatles tunes I don't know 2 well also worked really good: "Hold Me Tight" & "It Won't Be Long."
Summa the later songs don't work as well, coming off as mere cover versions rather than re-interpretations. Bono's version of "I Am the Walrus" doesn't quite work, but I think U gotta B REAL brave 2 sing that song these days -- still think David Bowie could do a great version of it.
But: Joe Cocker has a nice cameo during "Come Together," & Eddie Izzard is HILARIOUS doing "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" The 2-disc DVD includes 2 outtakes of this song, & both outtakes R just as hysterical as the take they used in the movie....
So overall, worth Cing, & summa the remakes R quite Xcellent.

SOMEDAY fairly soon I'll B hitting the used book & record store w/ summa the stuff I've accumulated here over the past coupla yrs (like a lotta music I just CAN'T HEAR) & I'll C if there's something new (2 me) out there I can trip over. I'll keep ya posted.
Thanx 4 voting in the Strange Music poll -- there's still plenty of time 4 U 2 make yr vote count -- & so far my Iowa buddy Crabby is the only guy who wantsta join OGRENET. I'm kinda bummed....
More soon! -- TAD.

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