Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't quit your day job....

Yeah, well, I know y'all weren't Xpecting -- or even WANTING -- this, but ... I've written another song. My 1st since last January's "My Degeneration," & I just couldn't wait 2 share it all with you.
This was inspired by last Friday nite at work (I'll "celebrate" 8 YEARS on the job as of Nov. 7), & it's dedicated 2 the energy-drink-fuelled Younger Generation -- those 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds who are ALWAYS in a hurry, always on their cellphones, always rushing 2 get SOMEWHERE, never have time 2 B polite or catch their breath or even let you finish a sentence -- got 2 B somewhere, 2 many things 2 do, I'm already LATE, Goddammit, hurry it UP!
Oh, I'm starting 2 sound like an old fuddyduddy. Well, 2 hell with that.
The following should B delivered in a series of angry shouts, as quickly as possible, with accompanying HEAVY guitar -- something like The Ramones meets 1 of those obscenely-loud heavy bands with the low growling vocals, only BETTER.
It's called "Whatever We Want." I think it's hitbound. You write the "music" (Haha) & we'll split the massive profits 50-50. Here goes:

We fuck whoever we want!
We drink whatever we want!
We steal whatever we want!
We do meth whenever we want!

'Cos that's all we wanna do!
And who the hell are you?!
To tell us we can't do
Whatever we wanna do!

We speed whenever we want!
At least we'll look good in the ditch!
Your sister's a stupid little bitch!
And so's your mama!

So who are you to tell me?!
I can't do what I want -- I'm free!
To kill myself as quick as can be!
'Cos I hate everything I see!

I don't care about you!
You all can just go screw!
I know that I'm a physical wreck!
'Cos we're the children from Heck!

(Repeat 1st 2 verses.)
(Followed by massively-loud total-feedback guitar solo with huge explosions....)

NOTES: This could B done in a hip-hop version, complete with a breakdown & room 4 variations B4 the final repeat of the 1st 2 verses. There could B an emo version with lots of high-pitched screaming vocals. I still see more of a heavy/death-metal-meets-Ramones sorta vibe, but as the composer, you could create the (in-)appropriate musical setting. I'm just the lyricist here.
Think it was Pete Townshend who said all rock lyrics should B written as quickly as possible -- just whatever shit comes right off the toppa yer head. Well, I think it's obvious that's the approach I used here.
Maybe I could throw-in a couple more verses with some refrences 2 dope-smoking or lying-around whining or being unemployed or collecting foodstamps or playing videogames til my eyes bug out, or some other topical refrence? Ghod, I feel like Paul Leka throwing more cliches in2 "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" just cos I KNOW it's so goddamn good that it's going straight 2 #1 within a month....
I'm sure this will get as many rave reviews as "My Degeneration" did back at the turn of the year. Damn, I feel inspired. My true talents R going 2 waste in my current career. Lemme know what you think?!


Gardenhead said...

Haha, unleashing the inner teen there Tad.

TAD said...

Thanks, G. Yeah, maybe just a little suppressed anger there. Also been thinking that once I drop the F-bomb in the 1st line, maybe there isn't much of anywhere else 2 go. Maybe what I meant was "We F-over whoever we want...." But I don't want 2 self-censor just so I can get more airplay, if you know what I mean....