Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Even MORE schlocky #1 hits!

Because you asked 4 it, & because I couldn't resist, here comes Part 3 of Musical Junk Through The Years, an embarrassing compendium of huge #1 hit singles (according 2 BILLBOARD magazine) -- mosta which should never have bn released ... or which supposed "rock&roll fans" never should've bought....
...Don't know how I missed some of these in my researching -- I plead poor eyesight, or it could B because I actually LIKED a couple of these. Nevertheless, here's another list of embarrassing not-very-rock&roll hits up thru about 1992, which is when I started seriously tuning-out most "current" stuff....
We'll start with some stuff from the early-to-mid '70s that I somehow overlooked. Comb thru yer collection & see how many of these you own -- & then recycle them IMMEDIATELY!:

* Guess Who -- "American Woman."
* Beatles -- "The Long and Winding Road."
* Three Dog Night -- "Black and White."
* Elton John -- "Crocodile Rock." (wore out pretty quick....)
* Bee Gees -- "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" (a pretty pile of cheez....)
* Barry Manilow -- "Mandy."
* Elton John -- "Philadelphia Freedom," "Island Girl."
* Tony Orlando & Dawn -- "He Don't Love You Like I Love You."
* Paul McCartney & Wings -- "Listen to What the Man Said." (So SLICK & meaningless. But the album it's from is pretty great....)
* Neil Sedaka & Elton John -- "Bad Blood."
* C.W. McCall -- "Convoy."
* Diana Ross -- "Theme from MAHOGANY (Do You Know Where You're Going To?)."
* John Sebastian -- "Welcome Back."
* Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta -- "You're the One That I Want."
* Frankie Valli -- "Grease."
* Player -- "Baby Come Back."
* Commodores -- "Three Times a Lady."
* Donna Summer -- "MacArthur Park." (& "I Love You" barely got in2 the Top 40....)
* Exile -- "Kiss You All Over."
* Olivia Newton-John -- "Magic."
* Sheena Easton -- "Morning Train (9 to 5)." (& "You Could Have Been With Me" barely made the Top 20....)
* Air Supply -- "The One That You Love."
* Blondie -- "The Tide is High." (Tired!)
* Christopher Cross -- "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)."
* Steve Miller -- "Abracadabra."
* Toni Basil -- "Mickey."
* Men at Work -- "Down Under." (Wore out REAL quick.)
* Stevie Wonder -- "Part-Time Lover," "I Just Called to Say I Love You."
* Wham! -- "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." (Is this the most annoying #1 song of all time?)
* Whitney Houston -- "The Greatest Love of All." (George Benson's version is better....)
* Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald -- "On My Own."
* Bananarama -- "Venus." (Shocking Blue's original was Great Trash, & also went 2 #1 back in 1970....)
* Phil Collins -- "A Groovy Kind of Love." (Jeez, Phil's had 7 #1's?! & yet "You'll Be in My Heart" only peaked at #21...?)
* Beach Boys -- "Kokomo."
* Bangles -- "Eternal Flame." (Yes, I loved them too, but this was as much cut&paste hackery as anything by Barry Manilow....)
* Bette Midler -- "Wind Beneath My Wings."
* Whitney Houston -- "I Will Always Love You." #1 4 14 weeks in Winter '92.

...& justa quick note 2 say thanx 2 every1 4 making October my 2nd-best-read month ever with 850 page views. The 17 posts I bashed-up were the most in quite awhile 2, but I hadda lot I wanted 2 tell you about.
If you're still out there crouching in a yurt somewhere on the Mongolian steppe -- & I can tell by my readership statistics that some of you ARE -- please let me hear from you.
I still can't tell how many of you R actually READING these ravings & how many of you have stumbled in here by accident. You don't havta comment, but feel free 2 click on those immediate-response buttons at the end of this post & all the other posts. Don't be strangers....
Up next: Something new, I hope....


R S Crabb said...

There's no shortage of Schlock here TAD but you forgot to add what might be the most annoying Paul McCartney song ever and that would be Silly Love Songs and it goes on and on and on...... ;)

TAD said...

Crabby: I included "Silly Love Songs" in 1 of those earlier junk lists, but I appreciate the nudge. McCartney HAS done his share of schlock over the years.... He even did a song called "Junk." & then there was "Singalong Junk"....