Monday, January 9, 2012

#514: Messin' 2

This cold, wet, dark winter is really starting 2 kick my ass -- like every winter lately has done -- but my sociological/musicological study continues. This weekend's at-work playlist looked something like this:

Journey: Spaceman.
Mary-Chapin Carpenter: This Shirt.
Boz Scaggs: You've Got Some Imagination, Dinah Flo.
Billy Squier: My Kinda Lover.
Queen: It's Late.
Bob Seger: Feel Like a Number, Hollywood Nights.
Cars: Dangerous Type.
Heart: Straight On, Mistral Wind.
Foreigner: Do What You Like, Rev on the Red Line.
Katrina and the Waves: Walking on Sunshine.
Clannad: In Fortune's Hand.
Eric Clapton: Let it Rain, Bell Bottom Blues.
Gordon Lightfoot: Summer Side of Life.
Turtles: She's My Girl, Let Me Be, It Ain't Me Babe, You Baby.
America: I Need You, Sandman.
Elton John: Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding.
Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg: Tell Me to My Face.
Steely Dan: Gaucho.
Police: Omegaman, Secret Journey.
Phil Collins: Droned/Hand in Hand.
Paul McCartney and Wings: Love in Song.
Rickie Lee Jones: We Belong Together.
Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Blue Collar.
Chicago: Questions 67 & 68, Critic's Choice, In Terms of Two.
B.W. Stevenson: My Maria.
Joe Jackson: One to One.
Righteous Brothers: Dream On.
Delaney and Bonnie: Only You Know and I Know.
Dion: Ruby Baby.
McGuinn, Clark and Hillman: Don't You Write Her Off.
Donovan: Season of the Witch.
Marshall Tucker Band: Heard it in a Love Song.
John Lennon: Instant Karma.
Johnny Rivers: It Wouldn't Happen With Me, Memphis.
Beach Boys: Kiss Me Baby.
Elvis: Promised Land.
Chuck Berry: You Never Can Tell.
"I Know" (but I can't remember....)
Paula Cole: I Don't Want to Wait.
Dionne Farris: Kiss the Rain.
New Order: Regret.
Wallflowers: 6th Avenue Heartache.
Dog's Eye View: Everything Falls Apart.
Natalie Imbruglia: Torn.
...& a few repeats from the earlier playlists....

Responses remain thin, but I'm getting more of them compared 2 The Same Old Radio Crap.
1 Regular correctly identified BTO's jazzy/R&B-ish "Blue Collar" -- said he had the album when he was a kid. He also correctly ID'd Boz's "Dinah Flo," & pointed out how it sounded a little like Van Morrison.
1 guy asked me who was singing the Turtles' "She's My Girl," & when I told him who it was he said his wife'd probly like it, he was more a fan of '80s stuff; I said he missed the batch of that I'd played earlier.
1 woman in her 30s liked Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell," & we both got a laff when I told her that song was older than me, but at least it keeps me bouncing around.
Couple guys told me I was having "too much fun" bouncing around 2 stuff, I told them I hadta have SOMETHING, & they just laffed, but I can't remember what was playing at the time....
Jury's still out on whether tossing-in slightly-off-the-wall music in2 a public retail work environment makes much diffrence compared 2 the radio's usual carbonated crap. I just know it makes ME feel better. Luckily, I still have a couple million $$$ left on my federal-gov't grant 2 study the effects of off-the-wall pop music on the avg public, so there's still plenty of time left 2 compile results. I still have tons more mixes 2 fish out of my bottomless bag of cassette tapes....

I will B breaking-in a new CD player over the next few days & so might actually have some NEW sounds 2 report on shortly. The old CD player was Bcoming very picky & (you'll love this) had 2 B touched in JUST EXACTLY THE RIGHT WAY B4 it would play NE music at all. It had developed a deplorable Xcess of Personality, & a distressing habit of breaking down in the middle of songs it apparently didn't like -- most often old Gong trax, oddly enuf....
So hopefully there will B some new sounds 2 report on next time around, possibly including music from Wire, Gang of Four, Madness, the Incredible String Band, & possibly others....
Hope wherever you're at you're actually SEEING THE SUN, unlike those of us in Western Washington....

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R S Crabb said...

well Tad, the weather has been great here, 55 degrees yesterday but the fun is beginning to wane and it's supposed to be all white and snowy come Thursday. I think we had a good run. ;)