Friday, February 10, 2012

#527: Messin' 3

Xperiments continue on the humans. Tho there have bn some signs of progress, I remain in grave doubt about these Earthpeople. I swear that during what they call the evening "rush hour" I could play "Deutschland Uber Alles" or Bloodrock's "D.O.A." on the store stereo & no1 would notice. Maybe I should try it as a test!
Nevertheless, the following "pop" songs were inflicted on the unknowing general public Thurs nite, with a few encouraging responses (which follow):

Hall & Oates -- How Does it Feel to be Back?
Pogues -- Lorelei.
Who -- I Can See for Miles.
Eagles -- Peaceful Easy Feeling, Seven Bridges Road, James Dean.
Outlaws -- I Can't Stop Loving You.
Georgia Satellites -- Keep Your Hands to Yourself.
Aerosmith -- Dude Looks Like a Lady.
Billy Ocean -- Love Really Hurts Without You.
Quarterflash -- Find Another Fool.
B.W. Stevenson -- My Maria.
Tricia Yearwood -- X's and O's.
Mary-Chapin Carpenter -- Downtown Train, This Shirt, You Win Again, Middle Ground, The Hard Way, He Thinks He'll Keep Her, Passionate Kisses.
Doobie Brothers -- Nobody.
Guess Who -- No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature.
Mott the Hoople -- All the Young Dudes.
Warren Zevon -- Werewolves of London.
Bubble Puppy -- Hot Smoke and Sassafras.
Kinks -- Victoria, Village Green Preservation Society, Dead-End Street, Shangri-La, Apeman, Sunny Afternoon.
Men at Work -- No Sign of Yesterday.
Buffalo Springfield -- Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing, Broken Arrow, Rock and Roll Woman, Go and Say Goodbye, On the Way Home.
Joan Armatrading -- I Love it When You Call Me Names, Drop the Pilot, When I Get it Right, Temptation, Talking to the Wall, Me Myself I, All the Way from America, I Need You, The Weakness in Me, Persona Grata.
Monkees -- Porpoise Song, Tapioca Tundra, Your Auntie Grizelda, Zilch, No Time, Sunny Girlfriend, The Door into Summer, Love is Only Sleeping, Daily Nightly.
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks -- Without a Leg to Stand On.
Fleetwood Mac -- World Turning, I'm So Afraid (live), The Farmer's Daughter, Silver Springs, Fireflies, One More Night.

...Not the most outlandish lineup, but 1 must fit in, & a good proportion of these Rn't normally played on US radio.
RESPONSES: 1 Regular said he liked coming in 2 the store at nite & hearing the music. 1 young woman said she liked coming in at nite 'cos the music keeps things lively (this was during "Tapioca Tundra"); I responded that the music keeps me awake -- & HAPPY. 1 man asked about Joan Armatrading during "Talking to the Wall," so I got a chance 2 show-off summa my ignorance about her; maybe he'll buy summa her stuff -- hope so, she's pretty great. Another Regular came in while I was howling along with the Xtremely loud "I am in love with you" choruses of Armatrading's "Persona Grata" -- & she just smiled at me. 1 guy said "Hot Smoke and Sassafras" sounded pretty good, & we both agreed that was a long time ago & you don't hear 2 much stuff like that NEmore. 1 woman "vaguely" recognized "Daily Nightly" (she was humming along with it) & wasn't suprised 2 hear how old it was....
So, a better crop of responses than usual. Progress is being made. Radio-weary ears R being opened. However, all this Xperimenting was done after 9 pm. B4 8 pm it doesn't seem 2 matter what music is used as a soundtrack -- the Earthers R 2 wrapped-up in their "rush hour" activities 2 notice.
Xperiments will continue, however. My cover story remains safe Bcos nobody cares. They all ignore me cos they don't know I'm really a spacer from those UFOs....

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