Saturday, February 25, 2012

#531: Messin' 5

Hello, Mothership? TAD here.
Think there might B some hope 4 these humans after all. Am continuing 2 use lite Strange Music Therapy on them at every possible opportunity while "working," & Fri nite's session had more responses than NE evening so far. Research & testing will continue. Recent playlists have included:

Go-Go's -- Head Over Heels, You Thought, Forget That Day, Capture the Light, I'm With You.
Bangles -- If She Knew What She Wants, Let it Go, September Gurls, Angels Don't Fall in Love, Not Like You, Manic Monday, Different Light, Walk Like an Egyptian, Return Post, Hero Takes a Fall, All About You, Dover Beach, Going Down to Liverpool.
Wigwam -- Bless Your Lucky Stars, Kite, Do or Die, Simple Human Kindness.
Golden Earring -- Snot Love in Spain.
The Move -- Do Ya, Message from the Country.
The Pop -- Go!
Camel -- Sasquatch, Manic.
Tears for Fears -- Broken, Head Over Heels.
'Til Tuesday -- Maybe Monday.
Icicle Works -- A Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly).
Cream -- Badge.
Van Morrison -- Wild Night.
Paul McCartney -- No More Lonely Nights.
Youngbloods -- Get Together.
Tracey Ullman -- I'm Always Touched by Your Presence Dear.
Squeeze -- Pulling Mussels from the Shell.
A Flock of Seagulls -- I Ran, Space-Age Love Song.
Manfred Mann's Earth Band -- Stranded.
Steve Tibbetts -- Ur.
Glass Moon -- Solsbury Hill.
Roxy Music -- The Thrill of it All.
REO Speedwagon -- Roll With the Changes, Blazing Your Own Trail Again.
Journey -- Feeling That Way/Anytime.
Dave Edmunds -- Information.
Jeff Lynne -- Lift Me Up, Every Little Thing.
Heart -- Never.
ELO -- Twilight, The Way Life's Meant to Be.
Kansas -- Can I Tell You? (demo), Journey from MariaBronn, Song for America, Carry On Wayward Son, The Wall, What's On My Mind, Miracles Out of Nowhere, Questions of My Childhood, Cheyenne Anthem.
Easybeats -- Friday on My Mind.
Bobby Fuller Four -- I Fought the Law.
CCR -- Who'll Stop the Rain?
Stones -- Tumbling Dice.
Raiders -- Hungry.
Badfinger -- No Matter What, Baby Blue.
Cheap Trick -- Surrender.
Bob Seger -- Rock and Roll Never Forgets.
Five Man Electrical Band -- Absolutely Right.
Spencer Davis Group -- Gimme Some Lovin'.
Martha and the Vandellas -- Dancing in the Street.
Cyndi Lauper -- Money Changes Everything.
Buffalo Springfield -- Bluebird, Mr. Soul.
Jefferson Airplane -- Somebody to Love.
Three Dog Night -- Celebrate, Out in the Country, Shambala, Let Me Serenade You.
Chicago -- Feelin' Stronger Every Day.
Fanny -- Charity Ball.
Blue Ridge Rangers (John Fogerty) -- Hearts of Stone.
Freddy Cannon -- Palisades Park.
Brotherhood of Man -- United We Stand.
Bram Tchaikovsky -- Let's Dance.

Continue 2 think that -- at their best -- these humans might B worth some consideration B4 we take over their planet. On Fri nite, 1 guy asked me about Wigwam while the ominous, rumbling "Bless Your Lucky Stars" was playing -- he said they never heard much music from Finland while he was growing up in Detroit. When I asked if he thot it was turned up 2 loud, he said "Are you kidding?" 1 woman asked who was singing "You Thought" & was shocked 2 learn it was the Go-Go's, tho she thot she recognized the singer -- "Man, that's a blast from the past," she said. 1 woman way 2 young 2 have heard it the 1st time around recognized "Friday on My Mind" & sang along with it! An older gentleman asked "what group" was playing on "Ur" & was suprised 2 hear it was just 2 guys..... 1 guy asked about "Hearts of Stone" & wasn't suprised 2 hear it was really John Fogerty in disguise. 1 guy said while Tears for Fears' "Head Over Heels" was playing "You always have something good playing in here." Coupla women said at least I had some good tunes goin' while I worked. 1 older guy bounced around pretty good 2 "Information"....
...& as 4 me, I actually figured out a few more words to "Palisades Park" -- & I've only been listening 2 it 4 45 years....
So, I urge that this slightly-strange music therapy should continue. The humans seem to like it. Even stuff I hadn't played in awhile (Bangles, Go-Go's, Wigwam, Golden Earring, The Pop) sounded really good on Fri nite. & if I'm hearing new things in music I've bn listening-2 4 yrs, it must B doing good things 4 me, 2.
Hope 2 try out some new & even odder music in the evenings ahead.
More soon....

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