Monday, April 9, 2012

#543: The work continues....

The Blogger's Curse works! Since my last post -- which droned on&on about what a rotten "Spring" we've been thru here in the Pacific Northwest -- we've had 2 GORGEOUS sunny days: We hit 65 degrees on Sat & 70 on Easter Sunday.
I've already gotta nice sunburn going 2 make up 4 last Summer -- which was so short I didn't even get a tan....
& everybody wants it 2 B Spring For Real, here. There were a LOT of people out Sun nite, almost like it was a Summer Fri nite. It's still 47 degrees outside at 1 am -- warmer than some of R cloudy, rainy days have been lately. It's a real change 4 us.
Course it's sposta start raining overnite....

...But my Real Work continues. In my ongoing effort 2 turn unsuspecting members of the suburban US on 2 some slightly Strange Music, the rest of this week's playlist at my job included....
Pat Metheny -- As Falls Wichita So Falls Wichita Falls, The Search, Ozark, Praise, New Chatauqua, First Circle.
Lyle Mays -- Ascent.
Synergy -- Icarus, Warriors, S-Scape.
Nektar -- Do You Believe in Magic?, The Dream Nebula Parts 1 & 2, It's All in Your Mind, King of Twilight, Wings, It's All Over.
The Nice -- America.
Moody Blues -- Veteran Cosmic Rocker.
Justin Hayward and John Lodge -- When You Wake Up.
Rush -- The Camera Eye, Red Barchetta.
King Crimson -- The Great Deceiver, Lament, The Night Watch, Coda from "Larks Tongues in Aspic, Part 1," Red, Starless.
Happy the Man -- Service With a Smile, Wind-Up Doll Day Wind, Open Book, Morning Sun, Steaming Pipes.
Group 87 -- Future of the City, Magnificent Clockworks, One Night Away from Day.
U.K. -- In the Dead of Night/By the Light of Day/Presto Vivace and Reprise.
Mark Knopfler -- Going Home (Theme from LOCAL HERO).
Steve Tibbetts -- Ur.
Camel -- Sasquatch, Breathless, Echoes, Wing and a Prayer, Down on the Farm, Starlight Ride, Rhayader/Rhayader Goes to Town, Lady Fantasy suite, City Life, Please Come Home.
Alan Parsons Project -- The Gold Bug.
Mike Oldfield -- Arrival.
Scarlet Rivera -- Day of the Unicorn.
Jethro Tull -- Dark Ages, The Whistler, And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps, One Brown Mouse, Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day, The Third Hoorah, Nursie, Life's a Long Song, A Christmas Song.
Steeleye Span -- Allison Gross.
Hawkwind -- You'd Better Believe It, Goat Willow, Lost Johnny, Hall of the Mountain Grill, Paradox, Web Weaver.

...Response was somewhat low-key, tho 2 folks responded 2 Pat Metheny's "Wichita Falls," 1 Regular asking if we always played Cambodian music in the store ... & another customer commenting that "You sure play some strange music here...." & "Wichita Falls" isn't even that strange!
Another Regular was thrilled 2 hear Tull's "Skating Away," which he'd apparently never heard B4. He recognized the voice but couldn't place the song, & then stayed 2 hear the whole thing!
1 young guy said he really enjoyed a few mins of Synergy's epic "Warriors." Another Regular was stopped in his tracks by Hawkwind's "You'd Better Believe It," then said only that I'm "into some strange stuff...."
Signs R Ncouraging. This work will continue, of course....

Coming Soon: More Sandy Denny, Richard & Linda Thompson, more Weather Report LIVE, Eric Burdon, Nektar, Illusion, Borbetomagus, & more.....
& coming slightly later: "2 months on," a terrifying story you won't want 2 miss....


lex dexter said...

I'm told the first 7 Moody Blues albs are all worthy, but my research suggests "Days of Future Passed," "...Lost Chord" and "Children's Children" may be all my 90s indie rock posterior really NEEDS. Do you beg to differ?

TAD said...

Lex: My all-time fave Moodies album is THE PRESENT, I think it's their most consistent album EVER. But I'd B the 1st 2 admit that it's not 4 EVERYONE -- it's a little adult-contemporary/EZ Listening, if you know what I mean. It only rocks a coupla times. A mature, grown-up, mellowing Moodies, but still spacey in places....
Among the 1st 7, I most enjoy DAYS, CHILDREN, QUESTION and the 2nd side of SEVENTH. The others all have good things, tho. LOST CHORD is their most dated, I think, but it has good stuff too ("Ride My See-Saw," "The Actor," "Voices in the Sky," "Legend of a Mind," etc). I also think LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER is a 4-star alb, with only a coupla weak trax. Their TIME TRAVELLER box has a lotta good stuff 2, tho I disagree with summa the choices....
Do you really wanta get me started about this? I could probly do a whole post on the Moodies -- they were my earliest musical addiction, even B4 the Beatles....
Thanx 4 visiting ... & I did a short post awhile back urging folks 2 check you out, did you catch it?