Monday, April 16, 2012

#547: The week Spring FINALLY arrived....

They haven't ALL been great days -- it's raining outside right now, as a matter of fact -- but 4 mosta the past week the weather here has been a LOT better & there's been a lot of people out at nite, making my job like a Friday nite almost EVERY nite. Everybody wants it 2 B Spring For Real. I hope they're right....
Along with my usual overplayed stuff, the playlist at work over the past week included:

Moody Blues -- Peak Hour, Tuesday Afternoon, Evening: Time to Get Away, Twilight Time, Departure, Ride My See-Saw, Legend of a Mind, Voices in the Sky, The Actor, Simple Game, Send Me No Wine, The Dream, In the Beginning, Lovely to See You, To Share Our Love, Never Comes the Day, Floating, Eyes of a Child Part 2, Out and In, Gypsy, Watching and Waiting, Question, It's Up to You, The Story in Your Eyes, Our Guessing Game, After You Came, One More Time to Live, You Can Never Go Home, For My Lady, You and Me, Blue World, Sorry, Meanwhile, Veteran Cosmic Rocker.
Justin Hayward & John Lodge -- This Morning, When You Wake Up.
Pretenders -- Precious, Up the Neck, Tattooed Love Boys, Space Invaders, Stop Your Sobbing, Kid, Lovers of Today, Mystery Achievement, Talk of the Town, Message of Love, Birds of Paradise, Pack it Up, Back on the Chain Gang, My City Was Gone, Time the Avenger, 2000 Miles.
Keith Jarrett -- Country.
Pat Metheny -- First Circle.
Wigwam -- Save My Money and Name, Pig Storm, Bless Your Lucky Stars, Kite, Do or Die, Simple Human Kindness.
Stories -- Circles.
The Nice -- America, Rondo.
Dave Brubeck -- Blue Rondo a la Turk, Take Five.
Kansas -- Journey from Mariabronn.
Clannad -- Journey's End.
Happy the Man -- Service with a Smile, Wind-Up Doll Day Wind, Open Book, Steaming Pipes, Morning Sun.
Mark Knopfler -- Going Home, The Way it Always Starts
Dave Clark Five -- Any Way You Want It.
Marvin Gaye -- Ain't That Peculiar?
Steve Tibbetts -- Ur.
Camel -- Sasquatch, End Peace, First Light, Unevensong, Never Let Go, Mother Road, West Berlin, Rain Dances, Flight of the Snow Goose.
Caravan -- Place of My Own, A Hunting We Shall Go....
Group 87 -- One Night Away from Day.
Alan Parsons -- The Gold Bug.
Raspberries -- Overnight Sensation, Let's Pretend, Tonight, Ecstasy, I Wanna Be With You, I Can Remember.
Pink Floyd -- Astronome Domine (live), Flaming.
Carolyne Mas -- Stillsane, Sadie Says.
Holly and the Italians -- I Wanna Go Home, Rock Against Romance, Youth Coup, Just Young, Miles Away.
Bananarama -- Cruel Summer, The Wild Life, Dream Baby.
The Pop -- Go!
Golden Earring -- Snot Love in Spain.
Queen -- Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...), Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, I'm in Love With My Car, You're My Best Friend, '39, The Prophet's Song, Sweet Lady.
Rush -- The Camera Eye, Show Don't Tell, Time Stand Still, Distant Early Warning.
Nektar -- Astral Man, Fidgety Queen, Do You Believe in Magic?, The Dream Nebula Parts 1 and 2, It's All in Your Mind, King of Twilight, Wings, It's All Over.
Yes -- America (long version), Looking Around, Time and a Word, Sweet Dreams, Your Move, We Have Heaven, The South Side of the Sky.

A few things I learned -- EVERYBODY knows the Moodies, even the stuff they don't play on the radio: 1 woman walked in during "After You Came," recognized the song, & gave me a website address where I could look up Moodies tour dates. A Regular walked in during drummer Graeme Edge's poem "The Dream," stopped in her trax & said "I haven't heard this in YEARS...." Another Regular walked in during some other Moodies track (I forget which) & said "What's with all this hippie music?" & I said "Yeah, ain't it great?" A 20-year-old guy got sucked-in by "In the Beginning," & when he found out who it was, he said "Interesting...."
Another Regular mis-identified Yes as Queen during "America," but when he figured out who it was (with no hints), he said he hadn't heard THAT in years. That's my job, folks....
A younger woman recognized the Pretenders, said she liked the soundtrack, & told me we've got the coolest store in town....
That's what makes my job worth showing up 4....

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