Thursday, February 21, 2013

#635: Money-making secrets of the Illuminati -- Revealed!

So, if you're going out for dinner you might want to know in advance what kind of sounds the restaurant's muzak system will be playing -- it might make the difference between a great dinner & indigestion, if you're a big enuf music fan.
So, if you're gonna be around the Bremerton/Port Orchard, Wash., area anytime soon, here's what a few local restaurants will be playing while you try to eat. Can't speak for the rest of the country, of course, but this research is To Be Continued....

International House of Pancakes, East Bremerton -- Too much new stuff, but 1 song stopped me in mid-bite: Dwight Twilley Band's "I'm on Fire," which I hadn't heard since about 1976. Also Chic's "I Want Your Love," which I also hadn't heard in awhile. Music's at just the right volume, tho again there was 2 much stuff from the past decade. + we had the place 2 Rselves at 8:30pm & the food was good & cheap. Grade: A-.
Shari's, East Bremerton -- Decent mostly-upbeat '60s/'70s hits, played not-quite-loud-enuf, not too much overplayed crap -- the big minus they earned for playing "Desperado" is more than outweighed by the + they get for Heart's "Love Alive." Other songs: The Chain, Wild Night, Levon, For What it's Worth, Loves Me Like a Rock, Poor Poor Pitiful Me. You can also overhear intresting conversations from nearby booths. Overheard from the young couple in the booth next to ours: "California's REALLY tough on smokers." Ha, welcome to Washington, kids -- you ain't seen nothin' yet. B+.
Family Pancake House, East Bremerton -- Mostly '70s pop & R&B hits by Nilsson, Cat Stevens, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, The Stylistics. Sounds good. Decent food, too. B+.
Shari's, Port Orchard -- Mostly obscure '50s & '60s rock&roll, R&B and pop hits that will keep your head spinning. Everything from Little Richard (doing WHAT? Couldn't place it) to "Along Comes Mary." Should be LOUDER. B+.
Shari's, Silverdale -- '70s hits played TOO LOW. The big minus they got 4 playing Dr. Hook's "Only Sixteen" & Elvin Bishop's "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" was more than counterbalanced by big +'s 4 "The Only Living Boy in New York" & "Morning Has Broken." Food was great, service was solid. B+.
Family Pancake House, Bremerton -- Everything from '50s rock&roll to current rock & country, played a little bit too low. Too much alternative rock. B-.
Denny's, Bremerton -- '80s hits by the likes of Blondie, The Clash, Split Enz, Wang Chung, Duran Duran, Thomas Dolby, Tommy Tutone, The Knack (ugh), Squeeze(?), etc., played so low that they R mostly buried by the heavy-metal radio sounds coming out of the kitchen. The atmosphere & the employees R usually pretty great. The food is sometimes pretty good too. But still, musically speaking, C+.
Spiro's, Silverdale -- Too much low-key current stuff, with 1 suprise: Florence + the Machine's raucous "Dog Days Are Over." Music played 2 softly, tho the view's nice & the pizza & lasagna were Xcellent. C+.

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