Saturday, February 23, 2013

#636: Look Through Any Window

Privacy issues have taken up a lot of Seattle-area TV-newstime & newspaper space recently, some pretty intresting stories:
The Seattle Police Department has backed away from a plan to deploy unmanned police drones around the city, following lotsa public outcry & Mayor Mike McGinn's subsequent order 2 drop the plan.
But the city has also installed a number of surveillance cameras around Elliott Bay, allegedly to keep the Port Of Seattle safe from terrorists. The cameras are scheduled to be switched-on within the next 6 weeks. & tho the cameras R intended 2 B pointed at the bay, it seems they can also be used 2 conduct surveillance on ordinary people going thru their daily routines along the waterfront.
The American Civil Liberties Union has expressed some concern about the federally-funded drones & cameras -- asking why the SPD would consider putting up drones without getting public input about the plan 1st, & about why the city would potentially B conducting surveillance on people who R doing nothing wrong....
It's true that the port/ferry/cruise-ship-docking area adjacent 2 downtown Seattle is basically wide open. & it's true that a terrorist was caught & convicted of trying 2 smuggle explosives thru the nearby Port Angeles US port-of-entry a few years back.
But is there a perceived threat to the Port Of Seattle?
Or is this just a chance 2 put the latest technology 2 use 2 surveil the public 4 no really good reason?
Maybe I've been listening-2 2 much late-nite talk radio recently, but concerns about privacy issues & the government R popping up more&more often lately.
& sometimes it gets pretty close 2 home.
When I'm at home, looking 4 wi-fi signals I can catch a ride on so I can post silly stuff here, 1 of the wi-fi systems I'm NOT allowed on2 (because it's secured) is registered 2 "Surveillance Van 004." Not sure where that van is, but with the World's Smallest Laptop's abilities, I havta assume that van is parked somewhere within a coupla blocks of my house.
Not sure why anybody would B doing surveilling in the outskirts of a town as small as Port Orchard -- unless they're watching out 4 drug deals ... & there's no evidence of that.
But apparently somebody's out there....
Would you like having a drone hovering over your backyard while you're busy doin' nothin', breaking no laws, just being yourself?
How about a camera?
...Be Seeing You!

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