Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#641: The Bug

Hey there again. Spent a coupla hours this afternoon (as part of my weekend) at a couple local 2nd-hand stores (Goodwill & Jen's Attic in Bremerton, Wash.) & brot home $80 worth of music that's intended 2 B listened-2 & eventually reviewed here. A lot of this stuff is completely new 2 me, took some chances. Had 2 do something 2 get outta my ongoing musical rut. & this is what Income Tax refunds R 4, right?
At what point does music collecting become an episode of HOARDERS? Well, I don't know, but here's what I bagged....

Clannad -- FUAIM.
Ink Spots -- 10 GREATEST HITS.
John Fogerty -- 1st.
Pink Floyd -- THE FINAL CUT.
Bruce Springsteen -- NEBRASKA.
Renaissance -- TURN OF THE CARDS.
The Cure -- WISH.
Des'ree -- I AIN'T MOVIN'.
Paula Cole -- THIS FIRE.
Elton John -- GREATEST HITS 1976-1986.
King Crimson -- DISCIPLINE.
Linda Ronstadt -- GREATEST HITS.
George Gershwin -- RHAPSODY IN BLUE.
Tchaikovsky -- 1812 OVERTURE.
Beethoven -- 5TH SYMPHONY.
Barbra Streisand -- CHRISTMAS ALBUM.
Johnathan and Darlene Edwards -- IN PARIS.
Dusty Springfield -- WISHIN' AND HOPIN'.
Laura Nyro and Labelle -- GONNA TAKE A MIRACLE.
Ahmad Jamal -- 1st.

...So, why? Well, I've loved almost everything I've heard by Clannad. ...Remember 3 or 4 songs by Buck Owens from when I was a kid, & 3 of them R on this best-of, + 22 more songs I've never heard.... Herbie Mann had a pretty good reputation B4 he went TOO EZ-Listening.... The Ink Spots useta crack me up when I was VERY young, tho I don't remember NE of their songs.... I've only heard 2 songs on J.C. Fogerty's 1st, both great: "Almost Saturday Night" & "Rockin' All Over the World.".... Haven't heard FINAL CUT in years, but have missed the title song & "Not Now John" .... NEBRASKA's sposta B pretty challenging -- I've never heard a note. ...  The Renaissance will B another attempt 2 see if they did much good when not in-concert. ... Have heard 2 songs off The Cure album, love the classic "Friday I'm in Love." ... All I've heard by Des'ree is the hit "You've Gotta Be." ... There were 6 copies of the Paula Cole CD at Goodwill -- figured anything that inspired that many dumps must have something going 4 it -- have heard 2 good songs on it (NOT "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone"). ... Bot the Elton mainly 4 "Empty Garden" & "I'm Still Standing." ... Haven't heard the Heart best-of in YEARS, but there's GREAT live versions of "Sweet Darlin'" & "Mistral Wind." ... Caved-in on DISCIPLINE, which I already have on CD, but it only cost $5, so sue me.... Heard 3 trax off VICES/HABITS, all good.... Pet Clark? Well, forget "Downtown" -- how could you do without "I Know a Place"? .... Bot the Ronstadt mainly 4 "Long Long Time," a heartbroken classic. ... I trust I don't havta Xplain the Classical stuff.... Streisand's Xmas album includes a hysterical lightning-fast version of "Jingle Bells?" ... The Edwards'es R supposed 2 B a comedy act, if I remember right, + I couldn't resist the liner notes on the backcover; never heard a note by them B4.... The Dusty doesn't include "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (dammit), but I'll settle.... I only know Laura Nyro from the hits she wrote 4 Three Dog Night, BS&T, 5th Dimension, etc., so this is an Xperiment -- as I remember, the R&B remakes on MIRACLE got pretty good reviews.... Jamal was an early '60s jazz pianist, something of a big deal in his day, part of my ongoing effort 2 find more jazz I can enjoy....
...I'll have reports on all these, ... eventually....

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R S Crabb said...

You still have a long way to catch up to this Hoarder Hunter Tad! ;)

Sounds like what you have at your Goodwill is what we have here for music, Paula Cole is always in the dollar bins. My problem is that I always see so much interesting things that Half Priced books throw in the Clarence bins, some sealed Rockabilly of the 50s, cheapo 2 cd collectons of imports. That reminds me I need to donate a bunch of stuff back to The Salvation Army too.

Nothing wrong with Buck Owens, I still find a lot of his 60s albums at thrift stores although I think the one you got was a very brief best of that Hy Vee used to sell for about 5 bucks back in the 70s I C at lot of that kind of comps in the cheap bins (charley Pride, George Jones come to mind) I found Buck's gospel record Dust On Mother's Bible for fifty cents and it's really not bad.

I love to find bargains too but they're taking a lot of space here at the hoarder house! Here's hoping you don't the buying bug as bad I do! ;)