Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#644: Future Playlist 6

A few more musical suggestions 4 U 2 Xplore. More coming soon....

Gryphon -- Lament, Spring Song, The Ploughboy's Dream, Ethelion, Opening Move, Second Spasm, Wallbanger, (Ein Klein) Heldenleben, Fall of the Leaf, Major Disaster.
Amazing Blondel -- Fantasia Lindum: Swifts Swains and Leafy Lanes, Lincolnshire Lullabye, Celestial Light; Landscape, Seascape.
Simon and Garfunkel -- For Emily Whenever I May Find Her, The Only Living Boy in New York, Keep the Customers Satisfied.
Paul Simon -- American Tune.
Badfinger -- Rock of All Ages, In the Meantime/Some Other Time, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke?, The Name of the Game.
Cat Stevens -- Tuesday's Dead, Changes IV, The Wind.
Carolyne Mas -- Stillsane, Sadie Says.
Spirit -- 1984, Aren't You Glad?, Nothing to Hide, Nature's Way, Animal Zoo, Mr. Skin, Life Has Just Begun, Morning Will Come, Soldier, My Friend.
Cream -- Badge, Deserted Cities of the Heart, Those Were the Days.
Cheap Trick -- Surrender, Stop This Game, World's Greatest Lover.
Joe Walsh -- Rivers (of the Hidden Funk), Meadows.
Joan Armatrading -- Persona Grata, Temptation, Talking to the Wall, I Love it When You Call Me Names, Drop the Pilot, When I Get it Right, Me Myself I, All the Way from America, I Need You.
Tracey Chapman -- Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution.
Katrina and the Waves -- Game of Love, Que Ti Quiero, Red Wine and Whisky.
Nicolette Larson -- Radioland.
Weird Al Yankovic -- Nature Trail to Hell, One More Minute, Polkas on 45.
Pentangle -- Light Flight, Sweet Child.
England Dan and John Ford Coley -- Holocaust.
Velvet Underground -- All Tomorrow's Parties.
Cowboy Junkies -- Sweet Jane.
Janis Ian -- When the Party's Over, From Me to You, In the Winter, Watercolors, Love is Blind.
Bare Naked Ladies -- What a Good Boy (live), Alcohol, Light Up My Room, In the Car, It's All Been Done, Who Needs Sleep?, Some Fantastic, Never is Enough, Get in Line, Brian Wilson (live), Lovers in a Dangerous Time, It's Only Me, If I Had $1,000,000.
Bruce Cockburn -- Incandescent Blue, Badlands Flashback, After the Rain, Silver Wheels.

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