Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blurring is a good thing

Only five nights to go!
The marathon continues. Made it through my two 10-hour work-nights and am pretty beat, but I'm still here. The days have already started blurring together. I've been having trouble remembering which day it is in Reality for normal people, and that's probably a good thing.
So: Five more nights of this, and then blessed Vacation.
Had two Fridays this past weekend -- Friday night, and then the 4th. Both were screaming craziness.
And how about the 4th, huh? By 10:30 p.m. I'd had two guys in the store who'd burned their hands and arms messing around with fireworks. One guy was headed to the emergency room. Unbelievable, but it happens every year.
We had fires and ugly car wrecks in the neighborhood. Local news reported more than 80 people ended up at Harborview Hospital in Seattle with serious fireworks-related injuries.
One of my co-workers had three grandkids sent to the hospital after a fireworks-related mishap. Her granddaughter's hair caught on fire. When my co-worker got to the hospital, her granddaughter told her "Look, grandma! I still got burned cardboard in my hair!"
She took it better than the grownups.
That same co-worker got 45 minutes' worth of sleep that night, then came in to pull a 12-hour day on Tuesday.
Yesterday was less busy but more fun. Looked like a normal Monday outside, lots of busy people getting on with their lives now that the reveling's over. Inside the store, pretty quiet. Way not so busy. More time to get my stuff done and occasionally relax these old bones.
The girlfriend has been trying every way she knows to keep me happy -- and it's working. I might have been tired yesterday, but I was definitely relaxed. Hopefully I can stay that way for five more nights. Without falling asleep at the counter.
Getting bored again with most of the music I've been taking to work lately. Did actually listen to ALL of Paul Simon's GRACELAND album yesterday. Only took me 30 years! This just in: Very soothing. And some of the lyrics are pretty great.
Might have an update on musical changes coming soon. Also possible other changes in the works, will keep y'all posted.
Now into my "normal" work week. It's all downhill from here!

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