Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Another ticket

My memoir about growing up with my step-brother -- a story I've been trying to finish writing since age 17 -- will be done soon. I finally learned the final part of the puzzle over my weekend, and it's a shocker.
I've posted a couple parts of the memoir here recently -- stories about stealing gas out of people's cars and gas cans out of garages, stealing money from people's houses, and treating women badly. The first girl I ever loved is wrapped up in this story -- I wrote about her here a few years back, in a post titled "First Girl I Loved."
Anyway, once I figure out how to handle this new information -- I'm still reeling -- I'll be adding it and my feelings about it to the rest of the memoir, re-reading the whole thing, trying to maybe tone-down some of the teenage angst in the story, and sending it off to Amazon/Kindle, where it will (hopefully) become my sixth e-book.
This will probably take a couple weeks or so. I'll keep you posted.
The book will be called BROTHERS.
Right now, I'm just boggled by the way people's lives turn out -- mine, his, everybody's. The choices we make, when we don't even know we're making choices that might change our lives.
More on this soon....

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