Sunday, September 27, 2015


Well, maybe.
Since the last time I posted here, I took a week's vacation back home in Idaho, saw family and some old friends I haven't seen in 30 years; rather foolishly dumped one relationship that -- while nice -- hadn't been going anywhere in awhile; went through another romantic whirlwind that went REALLY BAD in less than six weeks; and now I'm single again.
(Women! What do they want? Hell, I don't know. Most of the time I don't even know what I want....)
The vacation was great -- I felt very much that I was back where I SHOULD be, even though Boise is MUCH BIGGER than it was when I left back in 1982. I didn't want to come back to Washington.
To force myself to make the drive home, I went the back way -- avoided the freeways and took the back roads, saw places I hadn't seen in 30 years, and a lot of spots I'd never seen before. It was great to see that -- no matter how big Boise's become -- outside the city, lots of places haven't changed much. Emmett, Cascade, McCall, Horseshoe Bend -- they've all barely grown since 1982. That was a comfort to see.
But now I'm more homesick than ever.
Money remains tight. A few weeks ago I sold $100 worth of CD's and books to my nearest Half-Price Books store to keep up with my bills. I would have sold them more if they would have taken it....
Still have no Internet access at home, and I'm WAY past the point where I want to be typing posts at work and have my boss come by wondering what I'm still doing in the store typing at 1 a.m. So.
We'll see how this works out. I trust that this blog may become a bit more personal than it has been in the recent past, because other than work and laying around at home, I don't have a whole lot else going on. Fall has already started here, I already feel like I'm half-asleep most of the time -- and if I'm this tired NOW, what am I gonna feel like in December?
I've been working on some longer writing projects, but I mostly haven't gotten too far before things bog down.....
I'm still bored -- I still want more from most music than it gives me. I still want more from most fiction than I get. I recently re-read Paul Theroux's RIDING THE IRON ROOSTER, about exploring China by train, written back in 1986 before the protests in Tiananmen Square, before China became the huge economic power it is today. I first read the book when I was in Greece in 1991, surrounded by a gorgeous country I couldn't afford to go see any of. What I learned on re-reading Theroux's book was that I'd forgotten almost all of it. So I have more travel books lined up.
At least non-fiction speaks directly to me and mostly doesn't waste my time.
At least the Blues is heavy emotion directly expressed. Coming up soon I have a LONG list of GREAT songs that I know I NEVER would have heard without listening to KPLU's "All Blues" show, every Saturday and Sunday from 6 p.m. to midnight Pacific Time, streaming at All these songs would be well worth your time to check out....