Sunday, December 20, 2009

What was I talking about...?

The monsoon season Cms 2 have hit Washington. Its bn raining 4 the past few days, sometimes pouring. If there'd bn this much moisture in the air last week when it got down 2 18 degrees, we'd all still B digging out of the snow.
So at work 2nite Btween customers I was making this list of all the songs I could think of w/ the word "Sun" or "Sunshine" in them, or which Dscribed a beautiful day, in an effort 2 Think Positive & make the sun come out again -- the kinda songs I'd play 2 cheer me up after the 10th consecutive day of heavy rain & overcast. (We'll probly C the sun again around April.)
Got up 2 10 titles on this new list when it suddenly popped in2 my head that I missed 2 OBVIOUS titles in that "Great Xmas Songs" list I did a coupla wks back.
& that's The Wave Of The Future, I'm afraid. I've bn going back & adding a lot of stuff 2 old posts lately. In the past few days I've added 1/2adozen albums 2 that list of "Most fun, most played, most reliable" albums I did a few days ago; I've added a few more things 2 that "Great Comedy Songs" list from awhile back; I don't wanna TELL U how many items I've added 2 the "Great Xmas Songs" list -- & I'd pretty-much given that 1 up.
I don't know if it's worth going back 2 C what I've added, & I'm not trying 2 get double the reading outta U all -- but I can B a perfectionist at the worst of times, & I hate 4getting about something that's as plain as the nose on my face. (Now, where did I leave that...?)
I'm told this 4getting stuff is all Part Of The Fun Of Getting Older. Just cos I can't remember shit, I thot I should warn ya. I've joked about having Alzheimer's B4 -- bearocker knows what I'm talkin about -- but it isn't that. I just don't think it's Right that I should B able 2 remember the words 2 some song I haven't heard in 35 yrs, or a book I read 20 yrs ago -- but I can't remember LAST WEEK. (It's as frustrating as leaving Michael Jackson's "Thriller" out of a list of Great Halloween Songs....)
Jeez, sometimes I can't remember something somebody told me 5 mins ago.... & if I'm sposta remember a msg, I've gotta write it down IMMEDIATELY or it'll B gone outta my head permanently within 5 mins. Possibly within 2. .... What was I saying...?
Oh, & what were those great Xmas songs I 4got about 2 wks ago?:
* Jethro Tull: "A Christmas Song" (1972, from LIVING IN THE PAST) -- I LOVE Ian Anderson when he gets angry & self-righteous. & was his singing ever NE better than on these lines?: "When you're stuffing yourselves at the Christmas parties/You'll just laugh when I tell ya to take a running jump...." Aided by a marvelous, slowly-building production w/ great horns & strings. Merry F'in Christmas....
* Greg Lake: "I Believe in Father Christmas" (1978, from WORKS VOLUME 2) -- Lake also gains stature when he declaims. Not only is his singing pretty great, this song also Cms (rather unusually 4 ELP) almost warm, heartfelt, sincere. U know -- moving. Yeah, right.
= Moody Blues: "What Child is This?" (2000, from DECEMBER) -- This shoulda worked. Perfect match-up of Christmas carol & classic band, Justin Hayward's vocal is certainly gentle enuf, but something doesn't click. It just ain't pretty enuf 4 me, I guess (?).
Coming up soon: Sorry music fans, more book reviews -- Jesse Sublett's ROCK CRITIC MURDERS (w/ a title like that, who needs a story?), Johnathon Green's DAYS IN THE LIFE, Kingsley Amis's NEW MAPS OF HELL, & more... if I remember....
I know some of U might B tempted 2 say "That's OK, TAD, we appreciate your use of the 3 brain cells U've got left...." But if U all wanna pass on yr condolences about my untimely demise, now'd B the time.... while I can still remember how 2 read them....


drewzepmeister said...

My favorite Christmas song would be the Eagles Please Come Home for Christmas.

bearockr said...

A Christmas song is definitely one of my favorites from Jethro tull