Sunday, March 21, 2010

Classic workplace booboos

Last nite at work was SCREAMIN busy -- at 10:30 pm every gaspump was Bing used, the store was jammed w/ people, I hadn't bn this busy in days, & in the middle of it all, this woman walks in & starts announcing LOUDLY:
& she proceeded 2 park in fronta the cash register & shout words in2 my face 4 the next 15 mins.
I started ignoring her after about 2 mins -- she'd started backing-up people Bhind her, & I proceeded 2 ring-up customers around her that she apparently didn't even know were there.
She just kept shouting. I don't think she ever tooka breath. She wasn't angry, just very loud.
She had a short, quiet friend w/ her who never said more than 3 words, but paid 4 what they bot & eventually hustled the ADHD woman outta the store. I just hope the ADHD woman wasn't driving.
Why do folks who have ADHD always seemta announce it up-front as if they think nobody will ever figure it out?
The guy I rang-up after her said: "I thought you handled that rather well."
& I laughed & said: "Yeah, at least I didn't havta throw her out...."
Fri nite was nowhere near as busy, thank Ghod. But I was draggin by 9 pm.
1 of R Regulars came in & bot her usual bottle of wine 2 finish-off her work wk. In her previous visit she'd Xplained that she'd bn renovating her house 4 the past yr, & at the Nd of the work she had all these whiny men hangin around.
"They do 1/2 as much work as I do," she said, "and they whine twice as much!"
& I said U sometimes get that w/ men....
So when she came back in on Fri, I was gonna ask if she ever got rid of all those whiny men.
But Bcos I was tired & Bcos these days my mouth only works right about 1/2 the time even when I'm wide awake, I asked her brightly: "So, did U ever get rid of all those horny men?"
...I started apologizing immediately, & she laffed it off, grabbed her bottle of wine & left. But we'll C if she ever comes back....

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