Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coupla great bloggers U should B reading

Once again I take laptop in hand & urge U 2 check out the writings of:
* Naomi McArdle, Ghod's Gift 2 Ireland's Indie Rock Scene. Nay took some time off from blogging about a yr ago, about 3 days after I discovered her old blog & raved about it (at my old website). She said she was gonna take a break & mayB try 2 write novels. But obviously she couldn't stay away. U can find her now at "Run Into Thunder" (, where she continues 2 write passionately about the music that moves her. Her March 5 post, "Mix: Cloud Nine," about the dozen or so Irish rock albums over the last yr that have moved her the most, is some of the best music writing I've read in months -- vivid, intensely visual, Nthusiastic, heartfelt & generous. Of course, I don't know NE of the artists she writes about, but thanx 2 her raves, I'll B looking. Bsides, she's a pleasure 2 read. She writes beautifully.
* Eoin Butler's hilarious blog "Tripping Along the Ledge" ( just celebrated its 1st birthday, which is hard 2 Blieve Bcos Eoin Cms like such a natural at this blogging stuff. (The post about his 1st anniversary includes a ton of hysterical comments that R way more about the artwork he chose 2 go along w/ the post, rather than the fact that he'd actually made it a yr -- this sorta thing Cms 2 happen a lot w/ Eoin.) He writes a lot about music, but also about current events, whatever funny stuff he trips over in a day, workplace relations & politics, hilarious sorta-reviews of various pubs around town, his budding standup-comedy career, LOTSA stuff. He can even Get Serious -- he's bn 2 Gaza & Auschwitz, & survived 2 write about them. As a blogger & full-time reporter, he's busy writing his ass off over in Ireland. & when he gets onna roll U will laff til U cry.
...Both of these bloggers have WAY more readers than me, & I've blabbed about both of them B4. What is it w/ me & Irish bloggers NEway? Their sense of humor? Their clarity & snappy wit & way w/ the words? No matter: Good writing is good writing. Check 'em out....

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