Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some more msgs from R sponsors....

Bn thinkin a little bit more about this whole using-popular-songs-in-commercials thing, & I've come up w/ a few more suggestions that Nterprising advertisers could mayB use.
Of course I'd like a commission if NE1 actually USES these....
What do U think of the following song-commercial hook-up soundtrack ideas?:
* Some sharp divorce lawyer could use The Who's "My Wife."
* Armed Forces Recruiting could use Rush's "Tom Sawyer."
* AARP could use Rush's "Time Stand Still."
* Winnebago or some other sharp RV company could use The Who's "Going Mobile" as a commercial soundtrack. Has it already bn used 2 sell motorcycles?
* Steve Winwood's "While You See a Chance" or "Still in the Game" could B used by the Mega Millions/Powerball/Lotto lottery folks 2 boost sales. (Or possibly even Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler"....)
* 4 awhile (until I gotta chance 2 read the lyrics, actually) I thot Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey" was actually called "SHOP the Monkey," & I thot the payoff line at the very Nd was "Shop the Monkey tonight." I swear 2 Ghod -- & this was back in the day when I could actually HEAR ... & not misunderstand stuff quite so EZily.... I remember at 1st thinkin he sounded pretty in10se 4 a guy who was telling U where 2 shop. I just Didn't Get It. But why couldn't some sharp biznessperson open-up some off-the-wall shop called The Monkey, selling ... I dunno: odd music, old rock'n'roll posters, drug paraphanalia (the shop could also B called "Get the Monkey Off My Back," but that wouldn't fit 2 well on a billboard), old books & music from the '60s & '70s.... Great idea 4 an antique shop, if U folks in yr 50s (or older) don't mind me saying so.... Helluvan idea -- U open the store & I'll split the profits w/ ya. How can it miss? Ya gotta pre-manufactured theme song: "Shop The Monkey 2nite...."
* How bout Peter Frampton's "I'm in You" 4 Trojan condoms? (Or mayB it should B "Do You Feel Like We Do?")
I'm sure y'all can think-up some more obvious 1's. Lemme hear em....

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