Sunday, December 9, 2012

#612: Good-time music!

Everybody knows I have an odd idea of a Good Time, but here's the mostly-upbeat stuff that helped get me thru a busy Sat nite at work....

Moody Blues -- You and Me, When You Wake Up, The Story in Your Eyes, One More Time to Live, You Can Never Go Home, My Song (by accident), Gypsy, Question, Don't You Feel Small?, It's Up to You, I Know You're Out There Somewhere, Blue World.
Modern English -- I Melt With You.
Pete Townshend -- A Little is Enough, Now and Then, Slit Skirts, A Friend is a Friend.
Kenny Loggins -- Conviction of the Heart.
Loggins and Messina -- Angry Eyes.
Cars -- Dangerous Type.
Church -- Under the Milky Way, Reptile.
Wackers -- I Hardly Know Her Name.
Police -- Omegaman, Secret Journey, Darkness.
Doobie Brothers -- Neal's Fandango.
When in Rome -- The Promise.
Florence + the Machine -- Shake it Out.
Steam -- Kiss Him Goodbye.
Three Dog Night -- Celebrate, Out in the Country, My Impersonal Life, Let Me Serenade You, Sure as I'm Sitting Here.
Stephen Stills, et al -- Love the One You're With.
Mary-Chapin Carpenter -- Passionate Kisses, The Hard Way.
Lovin' Spoonful -- You Didn't Have to be So Nice, Summer in the City, Six O'Clock, Darling Be Home Soon.

...I trust I don't have 2 Xplain 2 many of these. Everybody knows the Moodies. 1 of R Regulars at 1st couldn't place them during "My Song," then realized who it was & said he saw them in concert with the Seattle Symphony & they were AMAZING....
I've been listening-2 "One More Time to Live" 4 years, & tonite I finally GOT IT -- the narrator is comfortable & happy, & doesn't understand why the idyllic world he sees outside his window is falling apart -- he doesn't GET that everybody isn't as comfortable & well-off & happy as he is. Coulda been Mitt Romney's theme song....
"I Know You're Out There Somewhere" is still real comforting & reassuring, summa the others R among the Moodies' best ever, "When You Wake Up" could get the whole world swaying back&4th in time, & the master of "Blue World" used on their TIME TRAVELER best-of is TOO SLOW. But it still works pretty well anyway....
"Conviction of the Heart" shoulda bn a bigger hit. Apart from some trite environmental lyrics in 1 spot, it's really heartfelt & packs a big dramatic punch, 2 me....
"Dangerous Type" is 4 my daughter. "Reptile" is 4 my son. I'm sure they know why.
"Neal's Fandango" continues 2 win new fans -- sevral customers have noticed it now. I think it's the Great Lost Doobies Song....
Saw a customer singing along with "The Promise," that was pretty great. He must've 1st heard it in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, like I did.... NAPOLEON's still the Ultimate Idaho Movie....
"Out in the Country" still sounds great -- it's so relaxed, 1 of the few times the Dogs sound like they're not pushing the vocals.... "My Impersonal Life"'s still a killer, too -- great sinister keyboards.
Played "Love the One You're With" just 4 the GREAT organ work -- is that Leon Russell, Booker T? Whoever, that & the cast-of-thousands doing backing vocals make the song. By the end, Stephen Stills can barely keep up....
"Six O'Clock"'s a little odd. Hadn't heard it in YEARS....

Don't have much 2 say 2nite -- it's nearly the end of my work-week & I'm tired.
More tomorrow....


Perplexio said...

I LOVE The Promise by When In Rome. I don't know how anyone can listen to that song and not end up smiling. It's catchy, it's fun and it's one of my favorite one hit wonders. Some of my other favorite feel good songs:

Level 42 - Something About You
The Outfield - Your Love
The Screaming Jets - Better
Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open the Door
Collective Soul - Gel
Toto - Stop Loving You
Chicago - In the Country
Hunters & Collectors - Love That I Long For
Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man
Little River Band - Lady
Icehouse - Electric Blue

TAD said...

Plex: Thanx 4 commenting lately. You & Crabby R about the only 1's who do -- & Drew & Rastro now & then.
I've heard "Working Class Man," pretty good kinda-Bob Segerish song. Have heard "Lady" & "Electric Blue" over the years (Icehouse shoulda been bigger, their 1st album's pretty good), The Outfield & Pete T. of course -- but I've gotta admit I'm not familiar with the rest of your list. More stuff 2 track down....