Sunday, January 13, 2013

#623: Hadda dream 2

Had another 1 of THOSE dreams, music dreams. Ghod knows why. Thot it'd B worth sketching-out here cos it was so odd....
Very vivid: I'm at some kinda Southern Colonial-style house somewhere, big old-style wraparound covered front porch with railings, big windows in the house, very airy, huge grounds all around.
...& 4 some reason I'm replacing bass-player & vocalist Mont Campbell in the British early-'70s experimental/art-rock/Canterbury trio Egg. & I don't even play the bass. Or sing.
I'm sitting in the big bright airy drawing room of this almost-mansion, drinking coffee & talking over whatthehell we're gonna do at some quickly-approaching gig, talking with long-haired glasses-wearing keyboard whiz Dave Stewart & drummer Clive Brooks.
I don't know why I'm here or how I got the job. & I say so.
Because I've only heard about 1/2adozen Egg "songs," & wasn't even able 2 listen all the way thru their last album, 1974's arty & odd THE CIVIL SURFACE. I'm not really even a fan.
But Dave & Clive don't take it personally. We're joking around & I'm laughing nervously cos I have NO IDEA what I'm gonna do at this quickly-approaching gig, which might even B scheduled 4 THIS VERY NITE at this plantation or whatever.
It's a beautiful, mild summer day. We step outside, out in2 the huge yard, me strumming a guitar (?! I don't play 1 of those either), & we continue 2 sit & laff at R strange predicament.
Because I don't know their material & we've never worked 2gether B4, we decide we could just sorta jam & noodle around & that might possibly fill up an hr or 90 minutes of performance.
Dave is philosophical about it: "We could do 1 long piece and call it 'This Will Take Up 20 Minutes,' and then do another long piece and announce it as 'This Will Take Up 20 More Minutes.'"
And we laff about this. It's just about what you'd Xpect from a band that titled their compositions with names like "Long Piece No. 2."
At this point the dream faded out & I woke up, but I'd like 2 know: What do these dreams MEAN, Sigmund?
I hardly ever dream. But a couple nites ago I dreamed I was a new member of TV's NCIS team. & I know that's where I was Bcos Agent Gibbs was there, scowling disapprovingly the whole time....

COMING UP NEXT: Cheers(?!) for Seattle-area radio ... & 15 Great Overlooked "Pop" Albums....

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