Sunday, January 27, 2013

#627: Your Future Playlist

OK, probably I've been listening 2 too much late-nite Talk Radio with their massive behind-the-scenes conspiracy theories ... but I thot it's probly time to come clean with you about my own big project....
We here at TAD's Back-Up Plan have been working steadily, quietly, clandestinely, behind the scenes ... to take over the nation's broadcasting airwaves.
At least the rock&roll stations.
This has been in the works for quite some time & involves intricacies which I simply cannot divulge on a public website such as this one. But rest assured that our nationwide takeover is at hand. & it's coming soon.
At 1st we here at TAD's had planned -- once we took over -- to open up the playlists of rock&roll stations nationwide & let real, live, honest2Ghod DJ's -- real people sorta like you & me -- pick what kind of music they wanted 2 play over the air, have some fun with it, put some LIFE back into broadcasting, get us away from that all-commanding Bottom Line. & we thot with such power in their hands, maybe we'd hear some good new tunes, 2.
But we have been dismayed to discover that 4 some folks, that's simply TOO MUCH FREEDOM, it's TOO SCARY. People get edgy when there's no safety net, nothing familiar 2 grab hold of.
Which reminds us here at TAD's that music can also be used as a sort of mind control -- a way to soothe you & keep you distracted from what's really going on.
So, we've had a bit of a re-think about our World Domination plans. & we didn't want 2 do it, but we've been forced 2 come up with a new playlist 4 the new millennium.
This new playlist will be coming SOON.
It will include no "hits." Or at least not what we once thot of as hits.
But what does that word mean anymore, anyway? We've already journeyed deep into a scary new age in which nobody knows what the #1 song in the country is anymore -- depends on what list you look at, doesn't it? & nobody cares anyway. Not at all like when I was a kid & EVERYBODY KNEW what the #1 song was -- everyone KNEW what was Hot & what was Not.
...So. This new playlist will be revealed in upcoming posts. It will be revealed indirectly, of course -- in codes, in subtext, in afterthoughts -- as befits a massive behind-the-scenes conspiracy.
But rest assured that this new playlist will include lots of GOOD MUSIC, by artists you know well -- it'll just be stuff you've hardly ever heard on radio before.... At least, not in the last 35 years. There are sure to be some surprises. You'll want to hold on tight on the curves.
Again, we would've preferred a doors-wide-open policy -- & that's what we still hope to transition into, once everybody's aboard. But we guarantee that the music you'll soon be hearing on your "favorite"(?) local radio station (is there still such a thing?) will be FAR better than the soul-shriveling Same Old Stuff the Cumulus- and Clear Channel-owned stations of these grim & ugly modern times prefer to play these days.
The new list -- & the radio takeover -- is Coming SOON. Watch for the signs. Stay awake for the hints. Look closely for the double-meanings.
We suggest that you get acquainted with these new tunes pretty damn quick. Because you're going to be hearing a lot of them....

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R S Crabb said...

As always Tad we tend to make our own path of the forgotten tunes of yesterday and today. I'm sure London Andrews will help us on the next installment of the top ten. She won't mind posing for a pic! ;)