Monday, January 28, 2013

#628: Future Playlist 2

We have been advised by our Official Legal Advisers that releasing Your Future Playlist thru clever asides, hints & hidden subtexts is not gonna cut any ice with music fans.
So. A partial playlist appears below, featuring a few of R favorite artists & summa their songs you can Xpect 2 hear blaring from local rock&roll stations in the not-2-distant future. This is just the beginning, but it should give you something to chew on 4 awhile.
If you've been reading here 4 very long, you'll probly find few suprises below. But if you're a more "mainstream" radio listener, this list might mess you up a bit.
Get used 2 it. It's For Your Own Good. Really.
More soon.

Beatles -- I'm Down, Hey Bulldog, Things We Said Today, Everybody's Trying to be My Baby, There's a Place, You Never Give Me Your Money, Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End, Old Brown Shoe, The Night Before, I Need You, Oh! Darling, Dear Prudence, I Will, In My Life, Thank You Girl, I Don't Want to Spoil the Party, Tomorrow Never Knows, Tell Me Why, Any Time at All, And Your Bird Can Sing, It's Only Love, For No One, I'll be Back, No Reply, I'm a Loser, Birthday, Across the Universe.
Moody Blues -- Peak Hour, Evening: Time to Get Away, Twilight Time, Simple Game, The Actor, Voices in the Sky, Lovely to See You, Never Comes the Day, Gypsy, Eyes of a Child Part 2, Don't You Feel Small?, It's Up to You, Our Guessing Game, One More Time to Live, You Can Never Go Home, You and Me, Land of Make-Believe, For My Lady, Meanwhile, In My World, Veteran Cosmic Rocker, Blue World, Sorry.
Yes -- The South Side of the Sky, Wondrous Stories, Every Little Thing, No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed, Looking Around, Sweet Dreams, America, Survival, Time and a Word, Close to the Edge (live), And You and I (live), Siberian Khatru (live), Starship Trooper (live), Yours is no Disgrace (live), Perpetual Change (live), Changes.
Fleetwood Mac -- Oh Well, The Green Manalishi, Dissatisfied, Hypnotized, Why?, Silver Springs, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Brown Eyes, Never Make Me Cry, Sisters of the Moon, Monday Morning (live), Fireflies (live), One More Night (live), I'm So Afraid (live), The Farmer's Daughter (live), World Turning, Wish You Were Here, Eyes of the World, Straight Back, Isn't it Midnight?, Tango in the Night, Big Love (live), Go Insane (live), Murrow Turning Over in His Grave.
Genesis -- Vancouver, Madman Moon, Ripples, Entangled, Robbery Assault and Battery, Dance on a Volcano, Squonk, Afterglow, Your Own Special Way, Supper's Ready (live), The Carpet Crawlers (live), Firth of Fifth (live), The Musical Box (closing section) (live), Down and Out, Deep in the Motherlode, Undertow, Snowbound, Burning Rope, The Lady Lies, Inside and Out, You Might Recall, Keep it Dark, Like it or Not.
Peter Gabriel -- Family Snapshot.
Phil Collins -- Droned/Hand in Hand.
King Crimson -- Epitaph, 21st Century Schizoid Man, Larks Tongues in Aspic Parts 1 & 2 (live), Doctor Diamond (live), Easy Money, The Talking Drum, The Great Deceiver, The Night Watch, Fracture, Red, Starless, Frame by Frame, Sleepless.
Paul McCartney & Wings -- Magneto and Titanium Man, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five, Love in Song.
Ronettes -- I Wonder, The Best Part of Breaking Up.
Hawkwind -- You'd Better Believe It, Lost Johnny, Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke), Sonic Attack, Urban Guerrilla.
Roxy Music -- The Thrill of it All, Oh Yeah (On the Radio), Over You, Same Old Scene, Dance Away.
Clannad -- Second Nature, The Wild Cry, Blackstairs, Indoor, Journey's End, In Fortune's Hand.
REO Speedwagon -- Blazing Your Own Trail Again.
Journey -- Daydream, People and Places, Something to Hide, Feeling That Way/Anytime, Patiently, Lights.
Caravan -- For Richard (live), The World is Yours, Aristocracy, Memory Lain/Hugh/Headloss, Surprise Surprise, The Dog The Dog He's at it Again, Be All Right, Place of My Own, Virgin on the Ridiculous, Can You Hear Me?, All the Way (With John Wayne's Single-Handed Liberation of Paris), Nine Feet Underground, Disassociation, Songs and Signs, And I Wish I was Stoned.
Camel -- Never Let Go, Rhayader/Rhayader Goes to Town, Flight of the Snow Goose, Spirit of the Water, Unevensong, First Light, Rain Dances, Breathless, Echoes, Down on the Farm, Summer Lightning, City Life, Captured, Sasquatch, Manic, Wait, Eye of the Storm, Who We Are.
Led Zeppelin -- The Rover, Carouselambra, Hot Dog, Fool in the Rain, When the Levee Breaks.
Bob Seger -- Feel Like a Number, Khatmandu, Roll Me Away.
Jackson Browne -- The Fuse, Hold On Hold Out, Disco Apocalypse, The Pretender.
Grateful Dead -- Uncle John's Band, Passenger.
Eagles -- James Dean, Outlaw Man, Seven Bridges Road, The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks.
Doobie Brothers -- Nobody, Neal's Fandango.
Cars -- Dangerous Type, Stranger Eyes, Bye Bye Love, All Mixed Up.
Kenny Loggins -- Conviction of the Heart.
Turtles -- Grim Reaper of Love, We'll Meet Again, Lady-O, Sound Asleep.
Sex Pistols -- God Save the Queen.
The Jam -- That's Entertainment, Funeral Pyre, Thick as Thieves, Little Boy Soldiers, Private Hell, Strange Town, Wasteland.
Pete Townshend -- Slit Skirts, Uniforms, North Country Girl, A Little is Enough, Jools and Jim, Gonna Get Ya, Now and Then, Misunderstood, My Baby Gives it Away, Zelda, Give Blood.
The Who -- Daily Records, Another Tricky Day, Slip Kid, Blue Red and Gray, The Relay, Bell Boy, Love Reign O'er Me, Melancholia, I'm the Face, Armenia City in the Sky, My Wife, Baba O'Riley, Music Must Change, The Song is Over, Bargain, Little Billy.
Go-Go's -- Can't Stop the World, Capture the Light, I'm With You, Forget That Day, I'm the Only One.
Bangles -- Hero Takes a Fall, Dover Beach, Restless, Going Down to Liverpool, Silent Treatment, Let it Go, September Gurls, Angels Don't Fall in Love, Be With You, Everything I Wanted, Following.
Steely Dan -- Gaucho, Third World Man, Don't Take Me Alive, Dirty Work, Berrytown, Pretzel Logic, My Old School, Bodhisattva, Any Major Dude Will Tell You.

To Be Continued....

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