Saturday, February 25, 2017

High tech! Who needs it?

My income tax return came in, so to celebrate I bought a new laptop to replace the World's Smallest Laptop, which is more than seven years old. The WSL has been on its last legs for at least four years now, with a MAJOR vertical-hold problem that makes the screen "roll" if anything larger than a 1.1-magnitude earthquake happens anywhere in the U.S.
So, past time for the WSL to retire. But now I have to get used to THIS computer, which The Girlfriend has already named Wilbur.
So far, Wilbur is a cranky guy. I haven't figured out the "touch" Wilbur prefers, and so far I can't pound on him like I could the WSL. So it's taken me 10 minutes to type these three paragraphs. Some of the keys don't want to cooperate, and if I start trying to type too fast, Wilbur just locks up. Maybe he needs more coffee?
This should make tomorrow's listening session more fun....
Also, I sense that Wilbur is doing more than he seems. At some stuff he's so fast it seems like he's pouring me a cup of coffee when I've just switched him on. Or he's reading the news for me before I've decided to go there. He's always WORKING. He just doesn't type very fast.
I'm sure this will all work out and we'll get used to each other. But right now it's frustrating as hell. I'm pretty sure it's not the fault of the manufacturer, who shall go nameless. (Hello, HP!)
Jeez, and now The Girlfriend's talking about getting me a smartphone....

UPDATE, 2:20 p.m.: OK, got the hard-typing issue taken care of. Turns out there's an adjustment for ease of typing on the computer. I'm all better now. Yeezus, I'm an idiot. Thank Ghod I can't launch missiles....

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R S Crabb said...

Welcome to the brave new world Tad

I still don't have a smart phone, nor cellphone for that matter.

I don't mind living in the dark ages ;)