Saturday, February 11, 2017

No attn span

OK, I give up. I have no attention span anymore.
I've become incapable of reading anything longer than a news story on the Internet or a short entry in a rock encyclopedia. Can't remember the last time I sat through a movie. Can't focus on written fiction anymore. It takes too long to get to the point. Can handle some non-fiction, long as it's not too long and it's about something I was once interested in.
As for music, if it hasn't grabbed me within 3 minutes, my mind is already wandering and I'm on to the next thing. Maybe you've noticed.
Now, finally, I'm the kind of reader USA TODAY was aiming at when they started back in the 1980's. Now I almost have enough time for them.
This is a disease. Maybe it's a symptom of early senility.
I've mulled over here before the idea of starting a whole new blog for people with short attention spans. Now I'm one of them.
I assume posts here will be shorter in the future (a good thing, yes?) and that I'll be getting to The Point quicker.
For as long as I've tried to Slow Things Down, it seems now I'm leaning heavily toward going with the flow and keepin' things movin'. Faster.
Even though sometimes it makes my head spin.
I'll miss reading novels and short stories, but that parting of the ways has been coming for a long time.
Could it just be too much coffee? Is Donald Trump somehow to blame?
Jeez, the next thing you know I'll be getting on Twitter....

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