Saturday, February 18, 2017

My 900th post??!!

Yeezus. If you count the 225 posts I wrote at my old vanished website at the end of 2008 and through most of 2009, this is my 900th post since I started doing this stuff a little over eight years ago.
I'm averaging about two posts a week since I started doing this. That's surprising enough, considering the long gaps and breaks I've taken over the last few years. But I'm still here.
And though I'm more into it now than I have been in awhile -- it's still the gift that keeps on giving -- what I'm mainly thinking about lately is how many bloggers are no longer posting.
Check out that list of "Followers" down at the lower right. Except for one, every single one of those people has "retired" from blogging, moved on with their lives, have stopped talking, or maybe have moved to Facebook full-time. This bugs me, because I like to read about how people feel about things, how music fits into their daily lives -- I like knowing I'm Not The Only One, sometimes.
My buddy Crabby is still crankin' em out, Ghod bless him. He threatens to pack it in occasionally, but he keeps going despite his disgust with current music ... and almost everything else.
2000 Man has been busy with other things and posts every few months or so, which I think is a loss to music-blog fans.
But everybody else has disappeared. Gardenhead was off writing novels, last I heard. Rastro has vanished without a trace. Groove Sandwich went off to be a gigging musician. Layla/Barbara was blogging about things other than Classic Rock for awhile. Vegas Linda Lou has officially retired, though she may still be doing her standup comedy act -- she urged me to publish my first memoir through Amazon/Kindle. Lex Dexter was depressed a couple years back, then went quiet. Drew seems to have a happy family life.
And there are others who've been and gone. I miss them. If I could find someone to replace them, I'd let you know.
The Girlfriend started writing a blog back in December. I think she does good, but if politics and current issues isn't your thing ... well, she hasn't written about music yet. The best music blog I've found lately stopped posting in 2010.
This is all probably normal. Blogging is so 2007. But hey, I'd like to read more good new folks. I just can't find them.
Plus lately I've been a little more ... uh ... politically involved than usual.
Anyway, thanks for your support. I've got more planned -- more Prog reports as I continue slowly to try to get that Strange Music Guide finished. I actually did an hour's worth of work on the book yesterday....
And for tomorrow, I plan to play at least a couple hours of totally new-to-me Strange Music. This Sunday no-coffee reviewing thing is still working for me.
Thanks again to my son for giving me the best Christmas present ever. He got this thing rolling more than nine years ago, and I'm still having fun with it.
More soon....

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R S Crabb said...

Thanks for the shout out Tad. I'm surprised I am cranking them out as much as I have been.

Blogging is a labor of love, there's no money to be made and I'm certainly not making anything on this. I have to laugh at the ratings and seeing the December blogs still in the top ten whereas everything else is by passed. To this for 15 years proves a stubborn mind and attitude but too bad I didn't persist like this say about 30 years ago, but then again the net was a whole private affair.

Outside of you, most of the original crew have moved back to reality world or simply gave up. Groove Sandwich I thought had Jeff kept at it, he would be up there along the likes of Mark Prindle or Bob Lefsetz, to which I have not read his blog in quite some time. He repeats himself too much. Nevertheless Groove Sandwich is a distant memory and whereever Jeff is at, all the best to him. I'm sure the others have families and grand kids to contend with but since I'm living the single life and have no desire to get back into another realtionship, I continue my search for scratchy forty fives and playing in jams in town to think I can be a musician star. I think I have made improvements over that.

I don't think blogging is a waste of time, it is a time capsule of what was going on back then and it's a shame I couldn't preserve the stuff before 2006. There was some radical shit on those blogs. But I'll keep on keeping on, somebody's gotta go it I guess. Cheers!